Little Underwater Dancers series captures adorable personalities of Children


These Little Underwater Dancers will blow you away

Children are awesome, thanks to their seemingly illogical, but highly adorable personalities. They amuse us, irritate us, or adds color to our miserable life in their very own innocent way. That’s why many photographers like to capture children, whether in a traditional or innovative way. Photographer Alix Martinez is one of those child lover, who, after the success of his super hero children series, decided to go deep into their personality this time. In order achieve his plan, he then combined ballet and modern dancing with all projecting water of nature. The result is the astonishing ‘Little underwater Dancers’ series, capturing the innocent vibe and colorful happiness in a magnificent dream like manner.

# Valentine (age 8)
Valentine (age 8) Little Underwater Dancers


# Underwater ballerina (age 13)
Underwater ballerina (age 13) Little Underwater Dancers


# Swan princess (age 14)
Swan princess (age 14) Little Underwater Dancers

# On point
On point Little Underwater Dancers


# Modern dancer underwater (age 7)
Modern dancer underwater (age 7) Little Underwater Dancers


# Modern dancer (age 13)
Modern dancer (age 13) Little Underwater Dancers


# Little fairy dancer (age 5)
Little fairy dancer (age 5) Little Underwater Dancers


# Irish dancer (age 6)
Irish dancer (age 6) Little Underwater Dancers


# Dancing reflection (age 12)
Dancing reflection (age 12) Little Underwater Dancers


# Ballet underwater (age 10)
Ballet underwater (age 10) Little Underwater Dancers


# Ballet dancer (age 9)
Ballet dancer (age 9) Little Underwater Dancers

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