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George Takei is a genius. He is a talented actor, mostly known as Star Trek’s Mr. Sulu, and he’s appeared in 40+ feature films and hundreds of television guest-starring appearances. These days, he is also a genuine world class star of the social web with a unique talent for going viral and many thousands of likes and shares on each post. Here at, knowing that life is way too short for a long feed, we bring you the best of the best with top posts only, and we’re happy to launch a new category – Genius Briff – with the top posts of leading social stars, starting this time with Goerge Takei’s top posts from the past 4 weeks. After browsing through, we’re sure that you too will join his followers, and perhaps also like the Facebook page


Check Wheels: Animals Attracted to Warmth

There’s a great deal at steak in this advice.

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I was in here the entire time…

Your evidence is circumstantial. And just where is the cat, might I also ask?


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With each new grey hair…

I should have thought of this. George the Gray? Fifty Shades of Takei? Those both have nice rings to them

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The Hidden Tiger

These eyes have seen 77 years, and I still found it in less than 15 seconds. No liking/sharing until you do, too.

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Highway to the…

Your earworm for the day. You’re welcome. 10 points if you can name the 80s hit movie. 20 points if you remember the name of Val Kilmer’s character. No spoilers.


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Let the Professionals do Their Job

They’re adding some gigglebytes.

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Do NOT Sit on Fence

Is that why one is so much darker than the other? Story please…

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Find the difference between 8 and 6

From a fan. Kid gets extra credit for inventiveness.

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Take It Again

Outfoxed once again.

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Quiet Neighbors Across the Street

From a fan. If they were noisy, I’d be aghast.

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Clark and Kent

There ought to be a phone booth right here.

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