Recognize The Big Beard Man and Miley Cyrus Bikini Selfie on Public – Celebs Briff

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Joel Osteen Coming To TV, Gratitude To Singapore From Jennifer Lopez or Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu Inspiration – If You Want Latest Celebrity Updates, All Are Here on today’s Celebs Briff

Neymar Uniting Brazil

Na vida de um vencedor, perder faz parte !!! Além de amigo sou fã, um dos atletas que me inspira, resumindo, MONSTROO !!!!
Você e toda seleção estão de Parabéns !! Ergam a cabeça e Vamo que Vamo !
Tamo junto rapaziada …
Aqui é Brasil !!


Bruninho Rezende

Neymar Jr

Likes: 31,625+ | Shares: 129+ | Source: Neymar Jr.


God and Problems Are Related

Happy Sunday


Likes: 52,547+ | Shares: 8,754+ | Source: Ludacris


Joel Osteen Coming To TV, Find Out When

Catch Joel’s television broadcast Sundays! Click here for channels and times in your area.

Joel Osteen Ministries

Likes: 202,048+ | Shares: 29,953+ | Source: Joel Osteen Ministries


Big Beard Man Of The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel

Likes: 778,694+ | Shares: 7,303+ | Source: Vin Diesel


Leo Messi In Valencia

Cuarta jornada de La Liga. Dentro de dos horas, Leo juega en Valencia.
La Liga, Match 4. In two hours, Leo will be playing in Valencia.

Leo Messi

Levante U.D. – FC Barcelona
Likes: 211,011+ | Shares: 3,273+ | Source: Leo Messi|


Miley Cyrus Bikini Selfie on Public

chicken n waffles

Miley Cyrus

Likes: 279,076+ | Shares: 1,499+ | Source: Miley Cyrus


Jackie Chan: Kung Fu Inspiration

Hanging out is never easy in Kung Fu…
(Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, 1978)

成龍 Jackie Chan

Likes: 194,927+ | Shares: 6,294+ | Source: 成龍 Jackie Chan


One Direction On The Stage

Yes San Antonio, they’re looking at you #WWATour

One Direction

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<Jennifer Lopez’s Gratitude To Singapore

More Singapore…Thank You again!!!

Jennifer Lopez

Likes: 161,524+ | Shares: 2,004+ | Source: Jennifer Lopez


Kim Kardashian: Fashion Show

So so so proud of you @kendalljenner You killed it!!! @DolceGabbana #ClosedTheShow
Kim Kardashian
Likes: 142,191+ | Shares: 534+ | Source: Kim Kardashian


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