Petting Lemur – Cutest Video

This one minute video: Petting Lemur comes with a special guarantee – you will be ohhhing and then on search for a massage yourself… Enjoy and share!


Cuter than the Petting Owl?

This petting lemur video was simply a must after the ohhhs and love we got for the petting owl video. In case you missed it, simply click on the owl photo:

Petting Owl Briff Me


Petting Lemur as a Viral Video

Where did this cute petting lemur video come from? We can’t be completely sure even though we did search for it quite a lot. At list in one version on Facebook it received over 59,525 shares, but we found much older versions on YouTube with many earlier views. One thing for sure about this lemur, after watching him like this, you either want a massage yourself or to get a lemur pet for sharing the love.

Petting Lemur

Here at, knowing that our time together on Earth is waaay too short for a long feed, we bring you top posts only, like this viral video of the cutest petting lemur ever.

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Why do we love the lemur so much?

I watched the petting lemur video over and over again to try and understand what makes people want to share it. The big eyes are a good starting point, people just can’t resist them. The fact that the lemur is asking for more every time. The tiny laughs at the background. Clearly, the full combination of sweetness is simply very cute. And you can’t write a post about a lemur with a kudos to King Julian from Madagascar!

King Julian Madagascar


Video Credtis

We would be more than happy to credit the original petting lemur and the petting hands and laugh starring in this video – perhaps you know them? Please contact us with any details and the full credits will be given immediately. For now, here are the credits we could find for the music and footage, thumbs up to you!

Beautiful music:


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