Vin's Secret Revealed and Messi Tributes Henry - Celebs Briff

Vin’s Secret Revealed and Messi Tributes Henry – Celebs Briff

Dwayne Johnson came back with a show for the people which would people dream some days ago, Messi pays tribute to the one & only king Henry or Read about the real world fact which is to fight to face anything, rather than seeking for happiness always by Paulo Coelho – all and many more top posts summarized for you on today’s Celebs Briff

Fight To Face Real World, Not To Achieve Happiness

No todo el mundo necesita ser feliz todo el tiempo. De hecho, nadie en este mundo puede. Hay que aprender a lidiar con la realidad de la vida.
Paulo Coelho
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Secret of Having A Great Body

Vin Diesel
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21 Wins At A Row, Confidence Flying On The Sky

We’re in the final of the Club World Cup. Hala Madrid!
Cristiano Ronaldo
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Hope That Keeps You Alive

Get ready to experience God’s goodness in your life
Joel Osteen Ministries
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Show For People, Dream Show Indeed

WAKE UP CALL. We wanted to create a reality series that wasn’t about a cash prize, getting voted off or privileged people filming their “drama”. Just real people who are going thru real hard times. We talk the talk. walk the walk and get better – together. Your reactions to WAKE UP CALL have been POWERFUL, EMOTIONAL and above all else… INSPIRING. Thank you all and I’m very happy you love the show. WAKE UP CALL. Friday nights on TNT.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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People Works All Months To Enjoy This Holiday

What are your plans for the holiday season?
成龍 Jackie Chan
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Messi Pays Tribute To Henry

Amigo Thierry, nunca olvidaré los lindos momentos que vivimos juntos. Fue una suerte haber jugado con vos y te deseo lo mejor. Un abrazo.
My friend, Thierry Henry, I will never forget the amazing moments we have experienced together. I was really lucky to play with you and I wish you all the best. A hug.
Leo Messi
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Ways You Need To Follow Without Asking

Happy #YoureWelcomeWednesday
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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Inviting You To Get On The Road

Are you coming #OnTheRoadAgain2015? The guys would love to see your faces!
One Direction
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Cricket God Bids Farewell To Phil

Will miss you Phil. Your enthusiasm to learn and drive for perfection was most impressive. #FarewellHughes
Sachin Tendulkar
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