Eyes Carrying Galaxy and Time Transitions Showed – Viral Briff

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Find out how Dyslexia patients are relieved while reading, Learn about an wonderful mind who never forgot his origin and understand the value of trash fully or See amazingly creative cartoon sketches which are the sign of a hard working mind – all and many more interesting, informative, humorous & worthy to read top posts on today’s Viral Briff


Photos That Never Gets Old, Classic Jokes Indeed

We recently asked members of the Buzzfeed Community, “What photo makes you laugh every time?” Here are the most loltastic responses.


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Magic Of Fonts, Dyslexia Patients Relieved

We didn’t realize it was possible to get this excited about fonts. And yet here we are.

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Pluto’s Birthday Long Away, Pretty Much Humorous

Tell your grandkids to tell THEIR grandkids to throw Pluto a birthday party.

I fucking love science

Likes: 154,522+ | Shares: 16,502+ | Source: I fucking love science


Eyes Carrying Galaxy, Beauty At It’s Best

Meet Zeus, the blind Screech Owl who has galaxies in his eyes!

Stylish Eve

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Wonderful Mind, Never Forgot His Origin

“I grew up on an island off the coast of Honduras, and I came to America on a banana boat when I was very young. I’m the superintendent for some of the apartment buildings around here. I always try to collect the clothing and junk that the tenants throw away, and every couple of months, I pack it into barrels and send it back to Honduras. I especially try to find medical equipment. If a crippled man in Honduras has nothing but a stick, a crutch will change his life.”

Humans of New York

Likes: 214,168+ | Shares: 8,076+ | Source: Humans of New York


Creative Master-pieces, Shows The Hard Working Mind

Very clever ‘Cartoon Bombing’ by French Illustrator Troqman ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Priority Matters, Choose What You Need Most


Me trying to balance having good grades and a social life

Dude Perfect

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Thinking & Doing, Really Very Different

I don’t usually get motivated, but when I do…https://9gag.com/gag/a7KOw22?ref=fbp


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Amazing Illustrations To Show Time Transitions

French photographer shows us how superheroes would have looked in the 16th century (with real costumes, no Photoshop):

Bored Panda

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Number Of Charges Are Damned Too High

Now THAT is a bad man.

George Takei

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