Lady From Flower and Guiltiness Without Mistakes – Viral Briff

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Read an amazing letter written for the parents in 1970 which is still not understood by the most of them in 2014, Every girl’s dream is to look younger, hot & sexy but it’s a great business for the plastic surgeons or Get to know a child who raised with the wilds, real life Mowgli you can say – all and many more top posts which become Viral on today’s Viral Briff


Still in 2014, Parents Set The Goal Of Child

We could all learn from this letter, found in a 1970s LEGO set.


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Real vs Unreal, Amazing Analysis

They’re only second-graders. But that’s what makes this so incredible.


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Cartoon Fails, Science Correcting The Mistakes

Anatomically correct cartoon skeletons.
See them all here:
Images courtesy Hyungkoo Lee exhibition at the Natural History Museum, Basel, Switzerland.

I fucking love science

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Guiltiness Without Any Mistake

“We were dating for three or four years, off and on. I decided that I didn’t want a serious relationship, but every time I tried to break up with her, she’d threaten to kill herself. Like if I didn’t answer her text messages for a few days, she’d send me a video of her swallowing a bunch of pills, then later she’d tell me that she threw them all up. I was at a business meeting one night—it turned out to be a pyramid scheme, but I didn’t know it at the time—and she started sending me text messages again, saying she was going to hurt herself. It was like the fifth time she’d done it, so I didn’t even answer. That night she hung herself with a dog leash.”

Humans of New York

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Exceptional Idea That No One Uses

Wedding Converse

Stylish Eve

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Lady From Flower, What A Combination

Creative Flower Arts ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Every Girl’s Dream, Business For ……

Can I look like this when I am 45 please?

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Human Wishes & Regrets Have No Bindings

Yes! A thousand times yes!


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Arts With Trash, Amazing Way To Recycle

Portuguese street artist turns urban junk into amazing owl sculptures:

Bored Panda

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Gifted Child, Mowgli Of The Real Life

One hears about children being raised “in the wild,” but it rarely is captured as here, on film. Simply breathtaking. Were her parents wrong to expose her to dangerous creatures? Or were they right to give her such a gift?

George Takei

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