Luxurious Struggles and A Great Mystery – Viral Briff

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Find out how your life can be meaningless and how you can make it meaningful, Meet the strongest 10 year old kid, Do you dare to challenge? or Read the desire of a retired school principal her what she wanted to do – Scientific humor, amazing places to visit, all and many more exclusive top posts on today’s Viral Briff


Luxurious Struggles Of Rich People, What A World!!

That awkward moment you realize how much you have.


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Not Being Yourself, You’ve A Meaningless Life

Gotta love this quote from Erykah Badu. Quote graphic by our very own Erica Williams Simon.


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Both Forms Of Cat, Scientific Humor


I fucking love science

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Dare To Challenge, Is It Real?

The World’s Strongest Ten-Year-Old, Giuliano Stroe!

Stylish Eve

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Maker of Future, Desire To Make Others Dream Bigger

“I’m a retired school principal. More than anything else, I wanted my students to understand just how big the world is. Because I didn’t want them judging the world by the ten block radius around their house.”

Humans of New York

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Create The Environment You Like In Your Bedroom

Amazing Starry Bedrooms That Gives You The Illusion Of Sleeping In Stars ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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That Awkward Moment When You Feel Pity About Your Words

When you say something and it comes out meaner than you intended

Dude Perfect
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Thinking About Food, Never A Waste Of Time

That’s me. ALL THE TIME.


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Wonderful Romania, Photos That Can Accelerate Your Visit

After two members of the Bored Panda team traveled to Romania, they were absolutely inspired by this country. That’s why we collected this list of photos to inspire you too!
P.S.: you can also add your photos to this list.

Bored Panda

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Grammar!! A Great Mystery For Educated People Also People

In fairness, I’ve used those words often. #Hot #Muscular #OhMyyy

George Takei

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