Ludacris Crying For Cheat-meal and Three Generations For Barca – Celebs Briff

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Get The Latest Update On Jackie Chan, Only Worthy Remains On Your Mind, Learn What To Do With Those or Get Some Amazing Halloween Ideas For Your Kids – etc many more on today’s Celebs Briff


Never Lose Your Hope & Faith

Today can be your day to receive in a powerful new way

Joel Osteen Ministries

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Ludacris Crying For Cheat-meal

I need this in my life @relentlessjason for #cheatmeal #nowthatsludicrous


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Ajax & Madrid, Tough Week Ahead

Tenemos una semana muy importante por delante. Esta noche intentaremos conseguir la victoria en Champions y a partir de entonces nos prepararemos pensando en el Clásico.

We have a very important week ahead. First, we’ll go for the win in tonight’s UEFA Champions League match and then we’ll turn our heads to El Clasico.

Leo Messi

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Law Changes, Morality Remains Unchanged Forever

“I’n’I no expect to be justified by the laws of men.” #SoMuchThingsToSay

Bob Marley

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Miley Wearing A Lot Of Dresses

Miley Cyrus

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Jackie Chan Busy Lately With Dragon Blade

Another image from my new movie, Dragon Blade!

成龍 Jackie Chan

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Enimem Ends This Year Shows In Austin

Austin was a great place to end this year’s run of shows. Thanks for coming out this year… #ConcertForValor up next

(Photos by Jeremy Deputat) (8 photos)


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Three Generations Together, All For Barca

Tres generacions a la gespa.

Gerard Piqué

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Only Worthy Remains On Your Mind, Other Flashes Away

Si aún está en tu mente, vale la pena correr el riesgo.


Paulo Coelho

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Amazing Halloween Ideas For Kids

I know what you’re thinking — what is my kid gonna be for Halloween? Well, here’s a gallery of some great ideas. I know what you’re thinking now, too, and you’re welcome.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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