Neymar, Vin Diesel, J-Lo, and The Rock is French Kissing – Celebs Briff

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Today at the Celebs World, Neymar gives us a glimpse of his little one, Vin Diesel shows some skin, Jennifer Lopez is sleepy, Demi Lovato is looking for a fabulous ass emoji, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson is French kissing. Like this Celebs Briff? Share it!

Neymar Jr. and the Small One

Jantar com o pequeno e a família !

Dinner with the small one and family!

Neymar Jr 31Aug2014

Likes: 1,682,245+ | Shares: 9,372+ | Source: Neymar Jr.


Vin Diesel Thanks for Your Love

Thanks for the love…

Vin Diesel 31Aug2014

Likes: 2,179,804+ | Shares: 60,221+ | Source: Vin Diesel


Jennifer Lopez Feels Good

A lil sleepy today…feels good… :)

Jennifer Lopez 31Aug2014

Likes: 537,689+ | Shares: 4,877+ | Source: Jennifer Lopez


Joel Osteen: Quit Beating Yourself Up

Quit beating yourself up. You are not a finished product. You are still a work in progress.

Joel Osteen 31Aug2014

Likes: 222,638+ | Shares: 72,716+ | Source: Joel Osteen


Leo Messi: Tough Match Tomorrow

Mañana tendremos un partido difícil con el Villareal, ¡pero estamos preparados para ir por la victoria!

Tomorrow we have a tough match in Villareal, but we are ready to come out fighting for the victory!


Leo Messi 31Aug2014

Likes: 306,358+ | Shares: 5,112+ | Source: Leo Messi


Eminem’s SHADYXV

Full details for SHADYXV!

Eminem 31Aug2014

Likes: 155,994+ | Shares: 8,690+ | Source: Eminem


Ronaldo is UEFA Best Player of Europe

#UEFAbestplayer of Europe. What a joy to win this trophy that I want to share with all of you. Thank you.

Christiano Ronaldo 31Aug2014

Likes: 2,054,688+ | Shares: 58,548+ | Source: Christiano Ronaldo


The Rock open Hercules in France

Thank you FRANCE for the big #1 box office opening for Hercules Movie in your country. I’m still trying to speak French, but I certainly kiss that way. :)

The Rock 31Aug2014

Likes: 2,054,688+ | Shares: 58,548+ | Source: The Rock


Demi Lovato’s Workout Jane Fonda Style

Morning workout Jane Fonda style. (Insert fabulous ass emoji here)

Demi Lovato 31Aug2014

Likes: 323,726+ | Shares: 2,700+ | Source: Demi Lovato


Justin Bieber Loves being a Big Brother

I love being a big brother

Justin Bieber 31Aug2014

Likes: 584,437+ | Shares: 4,253+ | Source: Justin Bieber


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