News About Barack Obama Trolled and Take a Look at The Lucky Frog - Viral Briff

News About Barack Obama Trolled and Take a Look at The Lucky Frog – Viral Briff

Want to Know About Teenage Girl Bedrooms, 21 Unknown American Things or Consequences of Corruption? – Viral Briff

Barack Obama Trolled by a Six-Grader

Madison, a sixth grader, told the president that when she heard the school was going to have a special guest she had hoped it was going to be Beyoncé.
Barack Obama BuzzFeed
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3 Simple Truth Exposed About Women

If you’ve never had to “watch” your drink, this might blow your mind. Then it should piss you off. – Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey
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21 Unknown Things About America

This stuff is actually really crazy once you realize it.
21 Things ViralNova
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Are You Enjoying Your Summer?

This guy is enjoying the last bit of summer!
Summer Distractify
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Lucky Frog Captured

Photographer Angus James was fortunate enough to capture this shot. He said: “As I was pulling my lure from the fish to release back into the water I noticed two little eyes looking back at me from inside the fish’s mouth. After capturing this picture, the little green tree frog leaped straight past my head onto the nearest tree. It was one of the coolest things I have seen in my life! This is one lucky frog!”
Lucky Frog I fucking love science
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Trending Choice of Teenage Girls

Blue Teenage Girl Bedrooms
Teenage Girl Bedroom Stylish Eve
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Consequences of Corruption

“If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?”
“If you feed your children with food earned from corruption, they will be corrupt. If you feed your children with food earned from honesty, they will be honest.”
(Dharamsala, India)
Corruption Humans of New York
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Update on ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ set

You can see the Millennium Falcon.
The Daily Dot
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Do You Believe in God?

Here’s something you can never buy… because it’s totally free!

Via Sermon Quotes
God's Gift faithit
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