3-D Drawing Lessons and Creative Ideas For Children – Viral Briff

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Meet the most talented lady of 20th century in her birthday, actress, mathematician and inventor of the technology, modern Wifi & Bluetooth uses, Read about the fear of the societies which is a real mental pressure for all social people or honest advice about arguing with the stupids & it’s consequences – all and many more top posts from the viral pages on today’s Viral Briff


Radical Change in 10 Years, Time Passes Quickly

It’s been 10 years since Napoleon Dynamite.


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Fear of The Society, Real Mental Pressure

From the Upworthy Vault: The fact it starts with “Dear Betrayed” already makes it perfect.


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Most Talented Lady of 20th Century

Today would have been the 100th birthday of the iconic golden age actress, Hedy Lemarr. What many people DON’T know, is that Hedy was also a mathematician and inventor.

I fucking love science

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3-D Pictures Look Awesome, Simple Steps To Draw

Drawing 3-D Water Drops

Stylish Eve

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Things Alone People Always Feel

“Sometimes it feels like I’m not a part of anything. There are so many people here, you’d think that I’d be able to make friends with one of them. But it always seems like everyone has got their own thing going on, or their own group of friends that they hang out with. Most weekends I just take a long walk, or go to a restaurant by myself. I’ve done some neat things alone, and I’m glad that I did those things, but I’m really getting to the point where I’d also like to experience things with other people. Everybody tells me: ‘You should do this,’ or ‘You should do that.’ But nobody says ‘Let’s do this,’ or ‘Let’s do that.'”

Humans of New York

Likes: 207,568+ | Shares: 12,413+ | Source: Humans of New York


Amazing Underwater Park, Mind-blowing Place To Visit

Grüner See (Green Lake): An Underwater County Park ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

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Embarrassing Moments Everyone Have To Face

When someone asks to see your phone

Dude Perfect

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Don’t Argue With Stupids, He’ll Drag You Down To His Level

And so I said, “Never mind”…


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Creative Ideas To Make Children Happy

“I have 4 children and I love to make them sunny side up eggs”

Bored Panda

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Outdated ViewMaster Youngs Don’t Recognise

I chuckle thinking of the younger fans who look through this but have no idea what most of them are.

George Takei

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