Funny Christmas Trees

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Funny Christmas Trees – Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas! And for this special Christmas morning, why not start with a smile? Christmas trees are a great tradition. But with the years going by, it’s getting difficult to put up an original Christmas tree. And so, especially for this holiday season, here are some very funny Christmas trees. Happy Holidays!


1. A Christmas tree going through the roof…!

Funny Christmas Trees 1 Through the Roof 2

And this family isn’t alone in letting the tree grow like this…

Funny Christmas Trees 1 Through the Roof


2. Our Christmas tree star is… Darth Vader!

Funny Christmas Trees 2 Star Wars


3. Pac Man takes over the Christmas Tree

Funny Christmas Trees 3 Pacman


4. Yummy! A Chocolate Christmas tree</3>

Funny Christmas Trees 4 Chocolate


5. Hmm… Isn’t this tree a little up side down?

Funny Christmas Trees 5 Up side down


6. Thanks Jack! This is a drunk Christmas tree

Funny Christmas Trees 6 Jack Daniels


7. And while we’re drinking, why not a beer bottle tree?

Funny Christmas Trees 7 Beer Bottles


8. So funny, check out this tiny Christmas tree

Funny Christmas Trees 8 Car Tree


9. Would this tree continue to grow or blow up?

Funny Christmas Trees 9 Gloves


10. Movie inspiration – A Minion Tree!

Funny Christmas Trees 10 Minion


11. Don’t forget to cat proof your Christmas tree

Funny Christmas Trees 11 Cat Proof Tree

Unless you want your cat as an ornament…

Funny Christmas Trees 12 Cat Tree


12. And don’t neglect your other pets – Why not a Christmas tree for your fish aquarium?

Funny Christmas Trees 13 Fish Aquarium


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This collection of funny Christmas trees photos was researched and edited with the help of Google. If you found you’re own photo here and want detailed credit – sure! – just drop us a line and we’ll add it.

Here at, knowing that our precious time together on Earth is way too short for a long feed, we bring you the best of the best, like this special briff about funny Christmas trees. Want to get more posts like this? Please be sure to like the Facebook page.


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