Parenting Photos Done Right

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First time Mom and Dad, now expecting a second round, share their parenthood experiences with excellent, original and funny parenting photos.

Parenting Photos start with Pregnancy


Pregnancy Photos 4 - Watermelon Belly

Counting the days together, taking it easy and still laughing about being pregnant.

Pregnancy Photos 1 - Counting Days

I love this photo. In fact, I think this one shows their positive spirit, which makes people want to share the photos, pushing it to go viral.

Pregnancy Photos 2 - You plus Me


Pregnancy Photos 3 - Pregnancy Test

Baby is Here!

There is a beautiful photo of the baby which we chose to keep private. If you want to see it, please visit their blog – the details are below. Now, first time going out with the baby…

Parenting Photos 5 - First time out

Doesn’t any parent have this dream at least once during the first nights?

Parenting Photos 6 - Breast Milk Machine

And finally, the baby starts to join the parents in everyday life at home.

Parenting Photos 7 - Baby with Dishes


Parenting Photos 8 - Mopping with Baby


Parenting Photos 9 - Baby Laundry

Going through the phase of gas issues, this baby had helium inside :)

Parenting Photos 10 - Baby Gas Baloon


I couldn’t stop laughing.

Parenting Photos 12 - Dirty Dinner


Baby Birthday – Photos go Extreme

It’s my party and I’ll… well, it’s a great way to enjoy a birthday cake, right?

Parenting Photos 13 - Birthday Cake and Dog


I love this one with the flying baby. They really enjoy it!

Parenting Photos 14 - Flying Baby


And finally, the parents can go extreme, which means that they’re ready for a second child. Who is on its way already…

Parenting Photos 15 - Baby Riding Bicycle


Visit Baby Rules Me

This gorgeous couple shares their parenting photos and videos on their blog here: To see all their parenting photos, these shared here (small) and many more, in full resolution, please visit their site. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Here at, knowing that our precious time together on Earth is waaay too short for a long feed, we bring you top posts only, like this special story of a beautiful couple and their baby. Want even more? Feel free to like the Facebook page.


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