Explore The Unusual Creatures, Watch The Reflections of Society and Cool Ways To Recover Broken Bones – Viral Briff

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Discover The Acts You Can Do In Early Twenties Only, Funny Save The Earth Beer T-Shirt, Get To Know About Zoolander Facts or Parents Experiences With Their Babies – etc and many more in today’s Viral Briff

Acts You Can Do In Early Twenties

Having your parents still pay your cell phone bill.
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Upworthy: Reflections of Society

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to More Trees Less Assholes for the image!
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Unusual Creatures You Can Call Alien

OMG. I will never get #7 out of my mind.
Likes: 5,977+ | Shares: 5,062+ | Source: ViralNova

Artificial Recovery of Broken Bones In A Cool Way

Add a little ‘awesome’ to your recovery!
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Funny Save The Earth T-Shirt

FLASH SALE on this shirt!

Just $15 until 11.59pm EST on Saturday. Usually $21.

Available here: https://bit.ly/1ufnSge
I fucking love science
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The Huffington Post: Parents Experience Shared

First-time parents: They believe the world will end if child does not nap/eat/poop at the same time every day.

Third-time around: You be you, baby!
The Huffington Post
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Little Boy Inspiring Cancer Patients

This boy just made us smile today.
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Reveal The Facts About Zoolander You Don’t Know Yet

Zoolander had to cut the GOAT ORGY in order to get a PG-13 rating. That and other fascinating facts about the movie.
Likes: 1,971+ | Shares: 268+ | Source: UPROXX

Cakes That You Can’t Resist From Eating

Strawberry and Cream Cake Recipe
Stylish Eve
Likes: 66,115+ | Shares: 9,656+ | Source: Stylish Eve

Epic Photo Pose By an Indian

He was swimming with his friends. When I asked for his photo, he screamed: “He only asked me!” Then he ran a victory lap, climbed on the boulder, twisted the tips of his mustache, and struck this pose.
(Kotla, India)
Humans of new York
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