Merry Christmas - Original Greetings yesss111

Merry Christmas – Original Greetings

Merry Christmas – Original Greetings

The winter holidays are here and I wanted to greet all of the readers with best wishes. And you know, not just the ordinary Merry Christmas… I wanted an original Merry Christmas card or greeting. So I sat down to scribble a little and a beautiful Merry Christmas Doodle came out… Nah. Just kidding. I couldn’t draw these lovely Christmas doodles myself even if my life depended on it. But I sure did researched and looked very hard to find them for you! Feel free to share them… Merry Christmas!

1. Original Merry Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas Original Greetings Doodle
I found this brilliant detailed doodle here. Very nice!

2. Original Merry Christmas Doodle

Merry Christmas Original Greetings Doodle 2
With those cute chubby faces and traditional black and white touch, found here, this is simply a great doodle.

3. It’s the perfect Ho Ho Ho Doodle

Merry Christmas Original Greetings Doodle 3 Ho Ho Ho

Need I say more than Ho Ho Ho? Found here and added the needed Christmas colors to this collection of original Merry Christmas cards.

4. Yet another great Christmas Doodle

Merry Christmas Original Greetings Doodle 4
And finally, this doodle that I found here made me feel like it’s time to go home to my own family. Merry Christmas friends!

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Perhaps you knew this and perhaps it’s new to you, but Christmas is celebrated during one of the shortest days of the year. Meaning that at least in North America and Europe, it has the fewest hours of daylight. This fact could explain why we celebrate with so many Christmas lights, right? And so, it turns out that many cultures around the globe have their very own celebration with lights during this period. Check out this lovely post about Lights Festivals.

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