Old Sports Before Technology – Vintage Photos


Old Sports – Before the Technology Domination

We love to play and watch sports for many decades, and yes, it was possible to enjoy football, baseball, basketball, golf and athletics before technology took over. My favorite is bowling at #11, where kids had to line-up the pins. And yours? Hope you enjoy these old sports photos.


1. Vintage fencing with no electronic buzzers

Old Sports 20 - Vintage Fencing


2. Athletes could jump high with no cameras

Old Sports 21 - Vintage High Jump Men


3. Although the style of high jump did change a bit…

Old Sports 21 - Vintage High Jump


4. Jumping over hurdles wasn’t easy even then

Old Sports 22 - Vintage Hurdles


5. Lucky us, the outfits at the Olympics did change over time

Old Sports 22 - Vintage Ball Thrower


6. The 1908 London Olympics brought us many old photos of vintage sports… Wow!

Old Sports 24 - London Olympics 1908



7. This is the winner of the hammer throw contest at the 1908 Olympic games

Old Sports 25 - London Olympics 1908 Hammer Throw Winner


8. The old pommel horse from the 1908 games

Old Sports 26 - London Olympics 1908 Pommel Horse


9. Except for the hat, shot put looks quite the same even 106 years later

Old Sports 27 - London Olympics 1908 Shot Put Gold Medal


10. Women archery has changed, don’t you think?

Old Sports 27 - London Olympics 1908 Women Archery


11. Old bowling before technology – kids had to line-up the pins every time

Sports before Technology - Bowling with Kids


12. Vintage basketball with sexy uniforms

Sports before Technology - Basketball


13. This photo is not that old, but I had to include it. Do you recognize? (answer below)

Sports before Technology - Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham playing volleyball in 1971

This couple is Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham playing volleyball in 1971…!


14. A little older sport photo, not the Clintons

Sports before Technology - Bow and arrows


15. This is a first version of a GPS for cross country racing before advanced technology, some kind of a rolling map machine

Sports before Technology - Crosscountry GPS


16. An old sports collection must include a vintage football photo, such a nice helmet

Sports before Technology - Football


17. Formula 1 before technology, well at least some technology. It was fast even then

Sports before Technology - Formula 1


18. Vintage golf was probably slow and accurate

Sports before Technology - Golf


19. Old ice hockey photo from ancient history

Sports before Technology - Ice Hockey


20. Weird motorcycle racing from 1931

Sports before Technology - Motorcycle Racing 1931


21. The finish line was once an actual line and not a camera shot

Sports before Technology - Running Finish Line


22. Very old sports – this is Soccer Sheffield F.C., established in 1857

Sports before Technology - Soccer Sheffield F.C. (Est. 1857)


23. Creepy swimming hat from times sports were not on TV

Sports before Technology - Swimming Hat


24. Not Serena Williams, vintage tennis photo

Sports before Technology - Tennis Women


25. This is Boston in 1909 proving vintage baseball was exciting

Sports before Technology - Vintage Baseball Boston 1909


26. Finest of old sports photos with vintage baseball: New York Yankees Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio

Sports before Technology - Vintage Baseball New York Yankees Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio


27. Less famous, much older basketball photo

Sports before Technology - Vintage Basketball


28. Vintage football before the technology took over the game

Sports before Technology - Vintage Football


29. Love these women playing golf with vintage clothing – they are having fun!

Sports before Technology - Vintage Golf Women


Old Sports Photos go Viral

The old sports vintage photos in this post were edited and found on Pinterest and as you can imagine, it wasn’t easy to locate the original rights owners. We will be happy to write and give detailed credit, so if it’s you – please contact us with the details, and we’re highly interested in the story behind the photos as well.

Here at Briff.me, knowing that our time together doing and watching sports on this planet is waaay too short for a long feed, we bring you the top posts only from around the social web, like this viral briff with old sports vintage photos from the time before technology. If you want to see more posts like this on your Facebook feed, please like the Briff.me Facebook page.


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