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Lego Cake Ideas – Creativity for any Occasion

Kids, adults and everyone in between love Lego. And we all love cakes to celebrate birthdays, weddings and holidays. And so the challenge of creating a Lego cake is something that is bound to happen to so many of us. Here are 14 photos of Lego cakes to get you inspired. I kept my favorite birthday cake idea for last – all the way down. Yummy!


1. Classic Lego Cake

This is not an easy one and yet has it all – the Lego is inside the cake, the classic Lego characters, the overall look… Lovely!

Lego Cake 1 Birthday Idea


2. Homemade Lego Cake

Even with the toy crane, you can see that this fantastic cake with Lego was done at home – you can do it too!

Lego Cake 2 Birthday Idea


3. Lego Movie Cake

A new generation of Lego lovers came to be with the release of the Lego Movie and the mixture of characters. The cakes now require adjustments as well.

Lego Cake 3 Lego Movie



4. Meet Emmit from Lego Movie on a Cake

This is the main character from the Lego Movie and the star of many new birthday Lego cakes.

Lego Cake 4 Lego Movie Emmit


5. Funny Cake with Lego Emmit

For bigger kids, humor can make a Lego inspired cake even more fun. It doesn’t have to be professional or serious. This is a homemade cake!

Lego Cake 5 Lego Movie Emmit Funny


6. Lego Ninjago Cake Idea

Lego is much more than simple connecting pieces, it comes with stories and TV series like Ninjago. The creative Lego cake ideas can include the favorite stories as well.

Lego Cake 6 Ninjago Faces


7. Lego Cake Pops

When you need to make a cake with Lego, think about cake pops as a good option. Here’s an example with Ninjago cake pops.

Lego Cake 7 Ninjago Cake Pops


8. Pink Lego Cake – Not Just Girls

All kids love Lego, both girls and boys. I don’t like the fact that people think that girls need pink Lego or pink Lego cakes. Don’t miss the Lego instructions from 1973 telling parents to treat boys and girls equally, from a belssed era when colors were gender neutral.

Lego Cake 8 Girls



9. Lego Superheroes Cake Idea

Another relatively new Lego set world is with the Marvel Superheroes and of course they can jump on birthday cakes.

Lego Cake 9 Superheroes


10. Lego Star Wars Cake Idea

My all time favorite movie Star Wars had also partnered with Lego to create amazing sets. Many kids love these Lego sets and they can be great cake ideas for a Lego themed party.

Lego Cake 10 Star Wars


11. Stormtrooper Cake

I don’t expect this to be done at any home kitchen, but had to include it for inspiration for Lego Star Wars cakes. Wow!

Lego Cake 11 Star Wars Stormtrooper



12. Edible Cake with Lego

Yes, after all we’re talking about actual cakes that needs to be eaten. I love this example.

Lego Cake 12 Eat It


13. Happy Birthday with Lego

For a 3-year old or bigger kid, a Lego birthday party is a dream come true, and so is this cake, right?

Lego Cake 13 Birthday Clssic Idea



14. Best Lego Cake Idea

This is my favorite. While simple, it stands out as both delicious and beautiful. Enjoy!

Lego Cake 14 Best Birthday Idea


Lego Cake Photos go Viral

We wait an entire year for the birthday party, dreaming, planning… and then it can be over in just a couple of hours. So we just have to share the excitement with our friends and family. And the cake is a big part of it. If you’ve worked 2-3 days to plan and create an amazing Lego inspired cake, you are sure to take a few pictures and post them on your choice of social network. And other people give the likes, many of them. No wonder this kind of list goes viral. The cake photos in this post were mostly found on Pinterest and we will very happy to give detailed credit to the cooks and owners. Please drop us a line and contact us with the details, and congratulations!

Here at, knowing that our precious time together on Earth is waaay too short for a long feed, we work hard to bring you the best posts only from all around the social web, like this viral briff with creative Lego cake ideas. If you want to see even more posts like this one on your Facebook feed, please like the Facebook page.


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