Lego Cake Ideas - Special Briff

Lego Cake Ideas – Special Briff

Lego Cake Ideas – Creativity for any Occasion

Kids, adults and everyone in between love Lego. And we all love cakes to celebrate birthdays, weddings and holidays. And so the challenge of creating a Lego cake is something that is bound to happen to so many of us. Here are 14 photos of Lego cakes to get you inspired. I kept my favorite birthday cake idea for last – all the way down. Yummy!

1. Classic Lego Cake

This is not an easy one and yet has it all – the Lego is inside the cake, the classic Lego characters, the overall look… Lovely!
Lego Cake 1 Birthday Idea

2. Homemade Lego Cake

Even with the toy crane, you can see that this fantastic cake with Lego was done at home – you can do it too!
Lego Cake 2 Birthday Idea

3. Lego Movie Cake

A new generation of Lego lovers came to be with the release of the Lego Movie and the mixture of characters. The cakes now require adjustments as well.
Lego Cake 3 Lego Movie

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