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Sexiest Man of the Decade: 10 Photos

Sexiest man anyone? Following the viral review of the World’s top hot women, we just had to bring balance to the force with a thorough analysis of the sexiest men of the last 10 years.


1. Sexiest Man 2005 – Matthew McConaughey

Almost ten years ago he was the sexiest man alive. Do you still find him sexy today?

Sexiest Men 2005 Matthew McConaughey


2. Sexiest Man 2006 – George Clooney

Before he was a walking commercial for coffee he was also a coveted actor.

Sexiest Men 2006 George Clooney


3. Sexiest Man 2007 – Matt Damon

Matt is gorgeous but actually this photo doesn’t do him right.

Sexiest Men 2007 Matt Damon


4. Sexiest Man 2008 – Hugh Jackman

Like good wine, Hugh also improves with time.

Hottest Man 2008 Hugh Jackman


5. Sexiest Man 2009 – Johnny Depp

Weird, strange, different. Seems like these qualities can also be sexy.

Sexiest Men 2009 Johnny Depp


6. Sexiest Man 2010 – Ryan Reynolds

Hey sexy Ryan, we love you!

Hottest Man 2010 Ryan Reynolds


7. Sexiest Man 2011 – Bradley Cooper

Bradley looks like such a good boy, it doesn’t go to well with the sexy definition.

Sexiest Men 2011 Bradley Cooper


8. Sexiest Man 2012 – Channing Tatum

Oh, hot Channing with the impossible name and even more impossible look.

Sexiest Men 2012 Channing Tatum


9. Sexiest Man 2013 – Adam Levine

Seriously, with a nice Jewish name like Adam Levine, how did he become the sexiest man alive?

Hottest Man 2013 Adam Levine


10. Sexiest Man 2014 – Chris Hemsworth

The look in his eyes, the blond hair, the big muscles – and they say we only objectify women… Huh! We objectify evenly.

Sexiest Man 2014 Chris Hemsworth


Sexiest Men go Viral

Is it the look in the eyes? The strong cheekbone? What do you see in common for these 10 sexy men, ranked #1 sexiest man alive in the world by the People Magazine between 2005 and 2014? What’s for sure, they exploded viraly around the social web. Not as much as the sexiest women do, but still – they get numerous views, likes and shares.

Here at, appreciating our time together on this planet and knowing that it is waaay too short for a long feed, we edit and bring you the top posts only, like this celebs briff covering photos of the sexiest man of each year of the last decade. Don’t leave this page without a big like to the Facebook page – so we can keep in touch.


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