Funny Tweets To Make You Laugh

These Funny Tweets Are Hilarious

Twitter is nowadays a great medium of expressing your feelings. People all over the world tweets about their ideas, views and feelings. Celebrities use this social media platform to engage with people. Share their thoughts, emotion and reaction about something. But sometimes the twitter can be a great funny place for all of us. How it is possible? The answer is very simple, some funny tweets make us laugh everyday. Some humor, seriousness or awkward things are shared every day. People roam around the profiles just to find something like this. It changes their mood and it is really worthy. It is a very good sign. Twitter is becoming a great social media of fun and entertaining day by day. Every day people throughout the world tweets about jokes, funny stories and incidents those will make you laugh.


Zombie Funny Tweets

How is it that when you are dead and a zombie you can rip open a man’s ribcage, but when you are alive you struggle with a bag of chips?


Thunderbird Funny Tweets

If you flip someone off at the exact moment lightning strikes it’s called The Thunderbird and it’s currently the most powerful known swear.


Thomas Edison Funny Tweets


Thomas Edison: I have an idea

[a fucked up rough draft of the light bulb appears above his head]

Taco Bell Funny Tweets

In honor of Kim and Kanye’s baby “North West” I will be naming my son “Taco”
Taco Bell:
@DrakeBell Can’t wait.


Suspicious Boyfriend Funny Tweets


When your girl says she’s going to the Safari Zone with friends but you don’t trust her:


Step out of the vehicle Funny Tweets

Damn girl are you from Tennessee? Because you have several outstanding warrants from the Tennessee court system. Step out of the vehicle.


Murder of Colombus Funny Tweets

Oh sure, make fun of Columbus. Like you’ve never gone to the grocery store for spices, gotten lost, then murdered several million people.


Leave the past behind Funny Tweets

I have decided to leave my past behind me, so if I owe you money …. I’m sorry .. But I’ve moved on.


Humpty Dumpty Funny Tweets
So if Humpty Dumpty is an egg, what species is the thing inside him? Another egg?
“No I mean do you have any questions about the job?”


Food Truck Funny Tweets

Every truck is a food truck if you’re a cannibal


Fifty Shades of Grey Funny Tweets

was going 2 see Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend but then I realized that grass was growing at my local park.


Etsy Funny Tweets

Liam Neeson: I have a very particular set of skills
Me: Do they include needlepoint
Liam Neeson: Yes they do
Me: Neat
Neeson: I have an Etsy


Bloody Mary Funny Tweets

Me: [in front of mirror] Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary
*Bloody Mary appears*
Me: I’m moving today and need your help
Bloody Mary: Shit


Birthday Card Funny Tweets

*Open birthday card*

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