Dream Changes and Humanity Survived – Viral Briff

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Find out some special collection of photos & news all over the world, Design that can enrich your heart & some fail that can make you laugh or Read about the detailed story of confidence which is quiet motivational – all and many more on today’s Viral Briff


Dog Rescued, Humanity Survives

Every dog deserves a good home.


Likes: 44,015+ | Shares: 7,599+ | Source: BuzzFeed


Students Vanished, Protest Going On

An inside look at the protests in Mexico.
(Warning: Some of the photos here are a little graphic. Proceed with caution.)


Likes: 4,913+ | Shares: 1,015+ | Source: Upworthy


Amazing Hormone Bonding Jewelry

Oxytocin necklace from https://bit.ly/1yYUr4v

I fucking love science

Likes: 115,192+ | Shares: 15,723+ | Source: I fucking love science


Special Collection For Twins

Buy One & Get One Free T-Shirts for Twins

Stylish Eve

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Dream Changes But Confidence Helps You Shine

“I grew up in Jerusalem. When I was a child, I loved to paint. My father told me that he was going to send me to the biggest art academy, so that I could become a famous painter. But he died before I came of age, so I started making jewelry to support myself. I designed medallions and amulets for Orthodox Greek patriarchs to wear on their robes. I became quite known in the Old City, but when I moved to America, I had to start over. When I first arrived, I decided to try to sell my jewelry to a fancy jewelry shop on 47th Street. My friend told me: ‘You are crazy. Why would they buy from you? You are nobody.’ But I told him to watch me. I went into one of the big stores– one of those stores with 5 or 6 million dollars worth of jewelry in the window– and I told them: ‘I have some designs I want to show you.’ And the owners laughed at me. I told them: ‘You wouldn’t be laughing if you knew who I was.’ And they stopped laughing at me. Then they asked to see my work. They ended up buying all five of my moldings, and they told me to come back whenever I had something new.”

Humans of New York

Likes: 246,238+ | Shares: 8,630+ | Source: Humans of New York


Delicious Food With Amazing Design

Sliced Baked Potatoes ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

Likes: 51,015+ | Shares: 6,755+ | Source: Architecture & Design


Feeling Pity For Those Who Faced It

How I feel when I text first

Dude PerfectLikes: 396,260+ | Shares: 26,684+ | Source: Dude Perfect


Epic Fails That No One Expect


You had ONE JOB!


Likes: 117,816+ | Shares: 10,633+ | Source: 9GAG


Amazing Photography By The Teenager

21-year-old self-taught photographer from Canada captures wanderlust in magnificent landscapes:

Bored Panda

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Embarrassing Question You Shouldn’t Ask

The box stops here.

George Takei

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