Find Out How Small Mistakes Tends You Towards The Bigger One and Appreciation Makes Life Easier - Celebs Briff

Find Out How Small Mistakes Tends You Towards The Bigger One and Appreciation Makes Life Easier – Celebs Briff

Looking For Ludacris’ Girlfriend, Messi’s Gratitude Towards The Fan, The Rock Vs Hurricane or Celebrity Trio on Jennifer Lopez’s Selfie

Who’s Having Fun With Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel
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Girlfriend’s Photos Shared By Ludacris

#wcw @eudoxiee
Girlfriend Ludacris
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Gratitude on 14th Anniversary

Un día como hoy, un 17 de septiembre, comencé a jugar en el FC Barcelona. Cumplo 14 años en el club, y quiero agradecer a todos los compañeros, entrenadores, hinchas, directivos y trabajadores, a quienes están y a quienes estuvieron, por el apoyo que siempre me han dado. ¡Un abrazo!

On 17th of September 2000, I arrived at FC Barcelona. Today it’s my 14th anniversary at the club. I’d like to say thanks to all my teammates, managers, fans, board directors and the staff I’ve had the pleasure of working with and the amazing support they have always given me. Hugs!

Leo Messi
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New Photos in Barca Jersey Shared by Neymar

Neymar Neymar Jr
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Small Mistakes Tends You Towards A Bigger One

Instead of falling apart and thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening.” Your attitude should be, “It’s just another weed. No big deal. I didn’t sow it. I don’t have to reap it. God said He would take care of it.”
Joel Osteen Ministries
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Justin Beiber Having Fun With Cody Simpson

Great day yesterday. Big things coming Cody Simpson
Justin Beiber
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Appreciation Makes A Difficult Road A Smooth One

Your support is my reason for writing. Thank you!
Paulo Coelho
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Hang-out Selfie of Jennifer Lopez

Serving face w @adamlambert @harryconnickjr #theyreservingmorethanme #poutylips #idolseason14\
Jennifer Lopez
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Even Hurricane Can’t Stop The Rock

Wolverine would go…
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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Miley Cyrus: Action Of The Day

holy shit #floydinspace
Miley Cyrus
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