See How Neymar Accomplished His Mission With His Idol and Know About Jennifer Lopez’s Night Time Activities – Celebs Briff

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Get To Know That Awesome Feelings When You Are Performing By Ludacris, Follow The God’s Way To Get The Rightful Path or Remember The Killer Kick By Jackie Chan? – etc many more on today’s Celebs Briff


CR7 Proud About His Underwear Brand

Happy and proud to wear my #CR7underwear on the cover of Men’s Health in 60 countries all over the world!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Likes: 668,649+ | Shares: 11,977+ | Source: Cristiano Ronaldo


Vin Diesel Smiling With His Traditional Look


Vin Diesel

Likes: 1,328,589+ | Shares: 19,806+ | Source: Vin Diesel

u Are Performing

Oh so that’s how we feel? #showkillas


Likes: 38,498+ | Shares: 202+ | Source: Ludacris


Follow The God’s Way, He’ll Show You The Path

Where God gives vision, he always provides provision

Joel Osteen Ministries

Likes: 140,215+ | Shares: 22,786+ | Source: Joel Osteen Ministries


Neymar’s Mission Accomplished With His Idol

Ganhar um título é bom demais, agora ganhar um título ao lado do meu ídolo é melhor ainda ️!!

Robinho – Robson de Souza !!Neymar Jr.

Likes: 1,348,853+ | Shares: 25,511+ | Source: Neymar Jr.


Don’t Miss The Great Things Near You, Running For The Invisible

Vemos cosas que no existen y estamos ciegos a las grandes lecciones que hay delante de nuestros ojos.

Paulo Coelho

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Amitabh Bachchan Celebrating His Birthday With The Fans

FB 731 – Dhanyavaad !!

Amitabh Bachchan

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Messi Ready To Forget The Negatives & Look Forward For The Positives

Ayer el resultado no fue el que queríamos y estamos tristes por eso. Vamos a seguir trabajando para conseguir los objetivos. Quiero agradecer el apoyo de los fans en China, eso sí fue de diez.

Unfortunately we didn’t get the win we were hoping for yesterday. Although we’re unhappy with the result, we’ll keep working hard to reach our goals. I’d like to say thanks to all the Chinese fans for their support and being so welcoming to the team.

Leo Messi

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Remember The Killer Kick?



成龍 Jackie Chan

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Jennifer Lopez’s Night Time Activities

Feet up.,.Movie night!! #GONEGIRL

Jennifer Lopez

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