Vision Never Dies and Hangover Begins – Celebs Briff

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Watch the color behind Taylor Swift that can take you to the imaginary world, Kim Kardashian remains busy with his modelling & party attending, that’s true but she takes a good care of her child too or Bob Marley still alive in every fans’ hearts just because of his vision, Bob is the name of the vision – all and many more on today’s Celebs Briff


Beard, Moustache.. New Look By Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

Likes: 1,482,942+ | Shares: 23,330+ | Source: Vin Diesel


Messi Cleans His Boots For Fresh Performance

¡Manteniéndolos a punto!
I like to keep them fresh!
adidas Football #F50

Leo Messi

Likes: 431,822+ | Shares: 3,841+ | Source: Leo Messi


Colors Can Take You To Imaginary World

Screaming color.

Taylor Swift

Likes: 351,493+ | Shares: 2,192+ | Source: Taylor Swift


Epic Rhyme Everyone Knows

Happy #ClassicJokeFriday

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Likes: 51,357+ | Shares: 4,696+ | Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Kim’s Taking Good Care Of Her Child Too

1st hot chocolate and cookies #thisisrare

Kim Kardashian

Likes: 499,430+ | Shares: 1,645+ | Source: Kim Kardashian


Celebrating Birthday With Childhood Memory, GREAT!

Trey is 22 years old today. WOW – I have a 22 year old. Happy Birthday T-Ball!

Will Smith

Likes: 2,101,959+ | Shares: 9,032+ | Source: Will Smith


Friday Is Over! Hangover Begins

It’s Friiiiiiiddddaaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!! Who tryin to get this wasted??? #NowThatsLudicrous


Likes: 103,997+ | Shares: 8,796+ | Source: Ludacris


At Least A Humorous Caption About Selfie

hi cozy feat. man in red truck
Selena Gomez
Likes: 1,289,254+ | Shares: 6,369+ | Source: Selena Gomez


Too Much Comfort? This Happens Next

Some situations are just uncomfortable…

成龍 Jackie Chan

Likes: 709,400+ | Shares: 8,155+ | Source: 成龍 Jackie Chan


Vision Never Dies, Bob Is A Vision

“Where I am, that’s where it’s at.” #TryMe
.Art by OBEITH (Quinta do Mocho, Portugal).

Bob Marley

Likes: 462,296+ | Shares: 35,465+ | Source: Bob Marley


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