Time Machine Waits and Perfect Wax Statue – Celebs Briff

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Read an awesome chatting answer which can teach a lot, Learn about the important thing in Miley Cyrus’ life which she admired more than her beauty or Watch an amazingly real portrait of Shakira or perfect wax statue of Jackie Chan – all and many more top posts on today’s Celebs Briff


Talk With Rock, Ask Him About Anything

Use the hashtag #ROCKTALK and we are LIVE on Twitter… #Holla

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Likes: 136,502+ | Shares: 2,189+ | Source: Dwayne The Rock Johnson


Awesome Answer Everyone Should Learn


Keyshia Cole

Likes: 23,937+ | Shares: 1,213+ | Source: Keyshia Cole


Christmas Near, Exciting Holiday Coming

Every good Santa needs a good helper. https://ellen.tv/138Ay1w

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Likes: 95,370+ | Shares: 1,248+ | Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Only Pizza Does Matter


Miley Cyrus

Likes: 66,396+ | Shares: 1,241+ | Source: Miley Cyrus


Time Machine Waiting, Go Back 35 Years

12/12/1979 – Bob is in Atlanta, GA playing at The Fox Theatre! #TodayInBobsLife

Bob Marley

Likes: 96,382+ | Shares: 5,595+ | Source: Bob Marley


Trying To Be Unique, Epic Fail

All these #NowThatsLudicrous


Likes: 10,580+ | Shares: 2,637+ | Source: Ludacris


Seems Like Twins, Perfect Wax Statue

Can you tell which one is Jackie and which one is wax Jackie?

成龍 Jackie Chan

Likes: 404,687+ | Shares: 7,674+ | Source: 成龍 Jackie Chan


Summer Missed In This Chilly Winter

LIKE if you miss summer!

Charlize Theron

Likes: 70,396+ | Shares: 2,814+ | Source: Charlize Theron


Portrait That Would Impress All, Amazingly Real

Thank you so much Drawing Pencil – Aleksandar Ilić for this portrait! It’s incredible! / Muchas gracias Aleksandar Ilić por este retrato! Increíble! Shak


Likes: 251,363+ | Shares: 2,585+ | Source: Shakira


Enjoying Time, Look Who’s Behind

Having a laugh with my mate, Josh Horowitz (and the dude in the chair behind) #phonehome

Hugh Jackman

Likes: 157,636+ | Shares: 1,426+ | Source: Hugh Jackman


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