Why Do You Want To Be Eaten Alive? Trending Story yesss111

Why Do You Want To Be Eaten Alive? Trending Story

Few days ago Discovery Channel aired “Eaten alive“. We are used to see strange people doing strange things, but this time they really pushed it over the edge… A giant snake swallows a whole Paul Rosolie. The story ran wild on all the social sites and became a high trending story.

Man V. Nature?

Heavy armor, helmet, body shields – no, Paul is not preparing to fight against any army, this is the equipment that Paul used during the adventure.

The snake that got chosen is the Anaconda, big crawling animal that can kill humans with no special effort, start choking and smashing Paul’s body. A special crew stood near by and watched with special cameras, they all stood there, worried and waiting for the sign.

Finally Paul decided he can’t take it any more and asked the crew to rescue him from that giant snake, all good everyone is alive (for now).

1. Here We Go

trending stories etan alive

2. A bit Tight up here

trending stories etan alive

3. Can Someone Help Me?

trending stories etan alive

4. The Full Movie

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