Meet The Facebook Captain Who Reached 100 Million Fans and Lock The Door of Your Life For Negative People, Don't Let Them In - Celebs Briff yesss111

Meet The Facebook Captain Who Reached 100 Million Fans and Lock The Door of Your Life For Negative People, Don’t Let Them In – Celebs Briff

10 successful Years Gone For Leo Messi, See The Year By Year Evolution, Very Poor Dress Design, How Fashion Designing Should R.I.P or Watch The Funny Hairstyle of Thalia – etc many more on today’s Celebs Briff

Most Epic Mistake Of The Century

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More Than A Club, More Than Player

Més que un club
Neymar Jr.
Likes: 314,446+ | Shares: 1,128+ | Source: Neymar Jr.

Facebook Captain Reaches 100 Million Fans

Thanks Facebook for the infographic. #100million
Cristiano Ronaldo has reached 100 million fans on Facebook, making him the most-liked athlete on the platform. To celebrate this milestone, Facebook created an infographic that showcases some key stats about Ronaldo’s fans. (4 photos)
Cristiano Ronaldo
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Lock The Door For Negative People, Don’t Let Them In

“Don’t allow negative people to steal your joy. When you lose your joy, you lose your strength.”
Joel Osteen Ministries
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10 successful Years Gone, See The Year By Year Evolution

Quiero agradecer a toda mi familia, amigos, compañeros y a todo el staff del FC Barcelona por su apoyo en estos 10 maravillosos años. Siempre disfruté en la cancha, vistiendo estos colores y viviendo momentos muy lindos. Pero también siempre con ganas de mejorar y conseguir más títulos para el equipo. ¡Un abrazo a todos!
I want to say thanks to all my family, friends, teammates and FC Barcelona staff for their support in these 10 incredible years. I’ve always enjoyed being on the pitch, wearing these colours, living amazing moments and I’m constantly trying to improve and win more titles with my team. A hug for everyone!
Leo Messi
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Amazing Jackie Chan Tattoo By A Fan

Did you wear enough SPF this summer?
成龍 Jackie Chan
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The Rock Feeling Proud To Be In China

Every year only 34 movies are allowed into CHINA – the biggest film market in the world outside of the US. Truly an honor to be here and give back the love I’ve received from this amazing country over the years.
#BEIJING #BeautifulCulture #ProudCulture #HERCULESWorldTour
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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Very Poor Dress Design, R.I.P Fashion Designing

Brisbane was baller
Miley Cyrus
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Pre-order & Anchor The Party

Who’s hosting a 1989 Album Launch Party? Host during the week of 10/27 and receive 13% off when you order 6 or more pre-buy packages on Taylor’s official store! (Discount taken at checkout.)
Taylor Swift
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Thalia Enjoying Her Funny Hairstyle

@jennym_13 que travesuras estás haciendo conmigo! Tienes suerte que te quiero tanto Jenny what are you doing?! There’s something about “Thaly”
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