7 Most Sexy Scenes in Mainstream Hollywood Movies

These Hollywood sexy scenes are even sexier than porn

Whenever we sit to watch movies with our parents, a sex scene always comes up seemingly to put us in an embarrassing situation. Anyway, movies in general often have a sex appeal – be it with artistic nudity, sultry dialogue, sex scene, or with a combination of both. Some of the sexiest scenes come in the cohesion of the story, others are just there to increase ticket sales. Whatever the reasons are, we can’t deny that we love the sex scenes of mainstream movies, as actresses like Sharon Stone or Kate Winslet gives sexier performances for obvious reasons. Here is a list of seven sexiest performances that can be seen in modern days’ mainstream movies.


7. Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct Sexy Scenes


6. Shannon Elizabeth, American Pie

Shannon Elizabeth, American Pie Sexy Scenes


5. Scarlet Johansson, Lost in Translation

Scarlet Johansson, Lost in Translation Sexy Scenes


4. Rebecca DeMornay, Risky Business

Rebecca DeMornay, Risky Business Sexy Scenes


3. Elizabeth Hurley, Bedazzled

Elizabeth Hurley, Bedazzled Sexy Scenes


2. Elisha Cuthbert, Girl Next Door

Elisha Cuthbert, Girl Next Door Sexy Scenes


1. Amy Smart, Road Trip

Amy Smart, Road Trip Sexy Scenes


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