Dzia’s Animal Murals – Street Paintings to amuse you

These Animal Murals shows remarkable creativity

Painting is an incredible art. Dzia is a Belgian artist well-known for his amazing paintings and street murals of animals. He is a famous street painter. This man is a genius of his work. After watching the pictures of his street paintings, you will definitely agree that these paintings are more than just art. This creative artist admits that the passion in this sector comes from his creative family. You will find most his street painting on the abandoned walls of urban areas of his hometown as well as the cities across Europe. He creates murals of animals like fox,bird,elephant, fish etc. This breathtaking painting on the walls look so gorgeous and beautiful. He turns the abandoned walls into a piece of art. Just take a look at these photos and let us know if you know other creative people like him.



Reindeer Animal Murals



Octopus Animal Murals



Insect Fight Animal Murals

Hunter Bird Animal Murals



Horse Animal Murals



Fox Animal Murals



Fish Animal Mural



Elephant Animal Mural

Duck Animal Mural


Dead Insect
Dead Insect Animal Mural



Bird Animal Mural


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