Find Out The Sleep Time Activities of Jennifer Lopez and Gym Time Surprises of Ludacris – Celebs Briff

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Also Explore The Inner Philosophy You All Should Know From Joel Osteen and Bob Marley, Summer Loving jackie Chan or The Sleepy Morning Selfie of Miley Cyrus – etc find many more on today’s Celebs Briff


Good Thing Comes With Faith

Dare to believe something amazing is going to happen in your life. When you believe, all things are possible.

Joel Osteen Ministries

Likes: 190,297+ | Shares: 59,425+ | Source: Joel Osteen Ministries


Do You Miss Brian O’Conner?

Toretto Misses Him

Vin Diesel

Likes: 822,311+ | Shares: 10,174+ | Source: Vin Diesel


Ludacris: Gym Time Surprise

Well well well look who decided to show up and show out in the Gym wit me & @relentlessjason today my brother @larenztate #virgolife


Likes: 17,786+ | Shares: 70+ | Source: Ludacris


Family Time For Messi

Tarde de mate con mis dos amores.
Spending the afternoon with my family.

Leo Messi

Likes: 1,695,549+ | Shares: 18,588+ | Source: Leo Messi


Jackie Chan Loves The Summer

Summer’s over!…do you miss it already?

成龍 Jackie Chan

Likes: 444,931+ | Shares: 5,706+ | Source: 成龍 Jackie Chan


Miley Cyrus: Sleepy Morning Selfie

sookie sleepy morning baby

Miley Cyrus

Likes: 172,757+ | Shares: 616+ | Source: Miley Cyrus

“The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.” – Bob Marley

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Bob’s last concert at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, PA. #TodayInBobsLife

Bob Marley

Likes: 126,617+ | Shares: 6,751+ | Source: Bob Marley


Sleep Time Activities of Jennifer Lopez

Ok this happened while I was sleeping…lol #minime #coconut #emmeandmax #LOVE

Jennifer Lopez

Likes: 137,594+ | Shares: 528+ | Source: Jennifer Lopez


Beyoncé Promoting Her Website


Likes: 291,276+ | Shares: 2,519+ | Source: Beyoncé


What’s Kim Kardashian Drinking in London?

Afternoon tea in London
Kim Kardashian
Likes: 114,881+ | Shares: 305+ | Source: Kim Kardashian


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