LITTLE HUMANS Will Be Released In Two Weeks and Learn Some Ways To Remain Single If You Want- Viral Briff

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Explore The Wonderful Invention By A Kenyan Teenager, Amazing Piano Formation By Some Puppies or No Xenomorphs In The Next Sequel of Prometheus Announced – etc many more interesting on today’s Viral Briff


BuzzFeed: 90% People Should Be Annoyed With These Pictures

Can you make it through this post without muttering “aaarrrggghhh” softly under your breath?


Likes: 18,583+ | Shares: 22,913+ | Source: BuzzFeed


Wonderful Invention By A Kenyan Teenager

How cool is that?! (Answer: Pretty dang cool.)



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Karma Will Force You To Change Your Parking habits

These people need to go back to driver’s ed.


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Watch The Tattooing Close Up, Slow Motion

How does tattooing work?

I fucking love science

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Ways To Remain Single

Sandals with socks must be stopped.

The Huffington Post

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PlayBuzz: Amazing Piano Formation

What should we play?


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No Xenomorphs In The Next Sequel

Look, any hope you had of seeing any of the titular Aliens from Alien in the next Prometheus film can be put to rest at this point.


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Mashable: Mind-Blowing and Iconic Photos

These portraits starring John Malkovich are eerie and amazing.


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Stylish Eve: Exceptional, But Awesome Choice

Cute Ear Tattoo

Stylish Eve

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LITTLE HUMANS Will Be Released In Two Weeks

I need to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to announce that Little Humans is coming out in TWO WEEKS. I was going to wait until I got home to start banging that drum, but my agent emailed me that my publisher is “freaking out a bit” that I haven’t mentioned it in so long. So allow me to announce that LITTLE HUMANS IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST KIDS BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE.

According to Publisher’s Weekly, “the vivid collection underscores both the diversity and commonality among children, and may well inspire readers to imagine the lives and stories behind each child.” Kirkus Reviews says the photographs are “so striking” and bring such “large delight,” that you won’t notice the text is a “little platitudinous.” (Let’s be honest– we don’t know what ‘platitudinous’ means, and neither do your kids. And anyone who uses that word is not getting invited to our birthday parties.)

But in 100% seriousness, I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks because me, my girlfriend, my dog, my mom, my friends, my editor, and everyone involved in Little Humans thinks that this book came out perfect. It was really a labor of love. So I’m looking forward to seeing if you, your girlfriend, your dog, your mom, your friends, your editor, and your kids love Little Humans as much as we do.

If you’re planning on getting the book anyway, you can help my publisher get some sleep by preordering now. The book will ship on October 7th:


Humans of New York

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