Sex Toys – Survey proves women are getting more adventurous


Sex Toys – Survey proves women are getting more adventurous

Sex toys. Are you using them? Ever wondered if other women do too? And what about masturbation? Considered a threesome? Finally, the answers are here! This infographic reveals the private secrets of women under the veil of statistics. And it’s pretty sexy and interesting…!

Yes, Women buy more at Adult Stores

The number of wealthy women in the US is growing twice as fast as the number of wealthy men. 80% of consumer spending is controlled by women. And then… Women account for 67% of Adult Stores industry sales.

Sex Toys 1 - Women in Adult Stores


Are Women Orgasms True or False?

85% of men believe women orgasms during sex. But that’s only true for 25%!

Sex Toys 2 - Women Orgasm True or False


Do Women Masturbate and Watch Porn?

93% of women masturbate. 4 out of 10 women under 30 watch porn.

Sex Toys 3 - Women Masturbate


Do Women Use Sex Toys?

100 million women regularly use sex toys. 66% have used lube. 53% of American women have used a vibrator. 79% of those use vibrators with their partners.

Sex Toys 4 - Women Use Sex Toys


Did you Wear a Costume to Bed? Women Threesome?

Women are getting more adventurous. 64% have worn a costume to bed, vs. 50% in 1993. 22% haev tried a threesome, vs. 7% in 1993.

Sex Toys 5 - Women try Threesome


Women enjoy Sex without Love and use Sex Toys

80% enjoy sex without love, vs. 45% in 1993. 57% use sex toys, vs. 25% in 1993.

Sex Toys 6 - Women Sex Without Love


Unboud Box

The infographics and information was provided by Unbound, who sell a quarterly subscription of sex toys and the best erotic goodies. So they do have an interest in proving that sex toys are more common. Visit them to shop for sex toys (we don’t get a commission, in case you’ve wondered). Oh, and if you really need the sources and background for all the data – here is the full credit.

Sex Toys 7 - Unbound Sources


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