Perfectly Timed Photos are the best to capture amazing moments

Perfectly Timed Photos are the best to capture amazing moments

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There is nothing better than some perfectly timed photos

Some things are better, or just can merely be done if they are done in perfect timing. The swing of a baseball bat, the volley goals of a soccer striker, or just a photo of your friends surprising eyes – all of these are better when perfectly timed. In photography, the importance of timing can be felt all the time – be it shooting a human emotion, an awkward moment, a car accident, or a bird flying in the sky. Also, aesthetically, there is nothing better than a perfectly timed shutter click. How could you create something as well as nature, anyway! Let’s have a look at some of the greatest examples of perfectly timed photos.

Worst Face Gesture by Phil Jones (Manchester United)
Worst Face Gesture Perfectly Timed Photos

Water goes in and goes out
Water goes in and goes out Perfectly Timed Photos

The Walking Deads
The Walking Deads Perfectly Timed Photos

Squirrels nut
Squirrels nut Perfectly Timed Photos

Pleasure Perfectly Timed Photos

nauseous looser
nauseous looser Perfectly Timed Photos

Moon Landing
Moon Landing Perfectly Timed Photos

Is it really the tail?
Is it really the tail Perfectly Timed Photo

I'll break your neck
I'll break your neck Perfectly Timed Photo

Humpty Dumpty had a great bl**job
Humpty Dumpty Perfectly Timed Photo

How to pin the medal?
How to pin the medal Perfectly Timed Photos

He's gonna burst anytime
He's gonna burst anytime Perfectly Timed Photos

Half Woman Half Dog
Half Woman Half Dog Perfectly Timed Photos

Donkey attacks
Donkey attacks Perfectly Timed Photos

Dickhead Perfectly Timed Photos

Both laughing
Both laughing Perfectly Timed Photo

Bird's prey
Bird's prey Perfectly Timed Photo

Bat hits the face
Bat hits the face Perfectly Timed Photo

Accident Perfectly Timed Photo

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