Topless Pregnant Celebrities – Jaime King is not Alone

Topless Pregnant Celebrities

What makes actresses, singers and celebrities take their clothes off? Hmmm… Many reasons, we see more and more nude celebrity photos. But one reason seems to be with us for a few decades. Pregnancy. When cooking new life, some celebrities find an internal urgency to pose naked.

The most recent is Jaime King, who posted this topless pregnant photo on Instagram. What do you think?

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 1 - Jaime King Nude


Jaime King is not Alone – 12 more Topless Pregnant Celebrities

We don’t think that this phenomenon is either good or bad. It’s simply what it is. And you? Here are 12 more topless pregnant celebrities.


Kourtney Kardashian pregnant and very much naked.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 2 - Kourtney Kardashian Naked


Pregnant and topless Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 3 - Kelly Rowland Destinys Child


Also pregnant and topless Britney Spears.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 4 - Britney Spears


Demi Moore was among the first to pose topless and pregnant.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 5 - Demi Moore

Pregnant, happy and topless Christina Aguilera.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 6 - Christina Aguilera Nude


Brilliant musician Alicia Keys also posed topless and pregnant.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 7 - Alicia Keys

Gotta love Nia Long, especially topless and pregnant.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 8 - Nia Long


While Cindy Crawford had many other fully nude photos, here she’s pregnant.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 9 - Cindy Crawford


Remember Claudia Schiffer?

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 10 - Claudia Schiffer Naked


Pregnant and topless Jessica Simpson.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 11 - Jessica Simpson


Topless and pregnant Monica Bellucci.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 12 - Monica Bellucci Nude


Last but not least, pregnant and topless Mariah Carey.

Topless Pregnant Celebrities 13 - Mariah Carey Nude


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