Selena Exposed and Soul Talk By Khloe - Celebs

Selena Exposed and Soul Talk By Khloe – Celebs Briff

Find out how Amitabh Bachchan is commemorating his days with Dimple, Khloe talking about the beauty of souls, what a prank! or Read the philosophy of Bob Marley about love and solitude – all and many more top posts on today’s Celebs Briff

Proud Son, Proud Mother

My mother is, without any doubt, a mother courage. I feel very thankful and proud to be her son and to have her in my life.
Cristiano Ronaldo

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Much Deserved Popularity, Incredible Indeed

Photoz by Theo Wenner, boy genius. Rolling Stone
Taylor Swift
Likes: 411,035+ | Shares: 2,268+ | Source: Taylor Swift

Self Exposed Selena

road trip to the studio
Selena Gomez
Likes: 439,025+ | Shares: 1,570+ | Source: Selena Gomez

Funny Words, As If They Care About Souls

Khloe Kardashian
Likes: 33,528+ | Shares: 3,529+ | Source: Khloe Kardashian

New Tattoo, Name Written

*DY* el upgrade! #DaddyYankee #tattoo #tatuaje #DY
Daddy Yankee
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Solitude is Blessings But Love Wins

“Love conquers loneliness.” #bobmarleyquotes
Bob Marley
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Commemorating The Days With Dimple

FB 790 – An unfinished film ‘Alishaan’ with Dimple Kapadia ..
Amitabh Bachchan
Likes: 136,654+ | Shares: 1,580+ | Source: Amitabh Bachchan

Wish That Carries Good Luck

Happy birthday, Nicki Minaj! I hope you take this day for yourself & let nothing stop you. No ifs, ands, or… well, you see where this is going.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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Hilarious Movie Reaction

#AfterIWatch #AScaryMovie
Keyshia Cole
Likes: 18,771+ | Shares: 1,886+ | Source: Keyshia Cole

Miley Featuring, Dance Worthy To Watch

Show off your best #WeCantStop moves with Just Dance 2015! Dance along and download the single at your next holiday party!
Miley Cyrus
Likes: 114,216+ | Shares: 1,259+ | Source: Miley Cyrus

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