True or False? The Full Trending Stories of 2014

True or false? The Best Trending Stories

Not only babies, cancer, lonely dogs, and click fraud are going viral in the social networks… Often we see inspiring trending stories, some of them are real, some half real, and some are complete fraud. We took some of them and completed the missing parts for you.


1. The German that refused to salute the Nazi salute


This story happened in Hamburg 1936, a group of people crowded to see the new battle ship “Horst Wessel” while most of them raise their hands in Nazi salute, one of them fold hands and watch the parade, this man called Augost Lendmeser, the legend tell that he was married to a jewish women and that he knew that the penalty for not saluting is 2 years in jail.

True\False – True.


2. The nature of real friendship.


This hurt breaking story is about a dog that tried to save is friend that got hir by a car in the middle of the road, this dog try to wake him up and tried to move him with his legs, he didn’t know that he is already dead, the traffic was heavy but he didn’t leave him there.

True\False – True


3. The Whale and the Fisherman


This female whale got stuck in fish net, The brave Fisherman saw that and call for help, after two hours they realize that the only option is to dive in and try to save her. They work for hours and eventually the Were able to free her from the fish net, the divers said that she swam in circles of happy and it look likes she tried to say Thank you!

True\False – True.


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