Messi-Aguero Faces and Share Your Dream - Celebs Briff

Messi-Aguero Faces and Share Your Dream – Celebs Briff

Happiness is everywhere & nowhere at a time, it depends on the eyes, Find out the Bachchan Junior & the family honored for his Miss World wife or Read about some useless regrets which spoils your honesty without any reason – all and many more top posts from all over the Celebrity world on today’s Celebs Briff

Award After Award, Nothing Can Stop CR7

Thank you BBC for choosing me as 2014 Overseas Sports Personality. It’s very rewarding to win this award.
Cristiano Ronaldo

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Share Your Dream With Joel

Are you dreaming big dreams for 2015? Are you expecting next year to be a great year for you or your family? Victoria would like you to share your dreams and expectations for the new year with her and the Sirius XM audience on her special New Year’s Eve radio show. Email us at and include a brief description of why you’re expecting 2015 to be a great year, and don’t forget to include your phone number. If we are able to use your story, we’ll contact you by phone. Act quickly because we are pre-recording the New Year show on Wednesday, December 17th. Thanks, in advance, for sharing your dreams with us and for listening to Joel Osteen Radio!
Joel Osteen Ministries
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Nice View of Unknown Place Shared

Justin Bieber
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Messi-Aguero Faces, FIFA Games On The Pitch

Con muchas ganas de jugar la eliminatoria de Champions. Será muy lindo poder enfrentarme a mi amigo el Kun. En el FIFA siempre le gano, así que vamos a ver que pasa en la cancha.
Looking forward to playing in the next round of the UEFA Champions League. It’ll be really nice to face my friend Sergio Aguero as I always beat him at FIFA, but let’s see what happens on the pitch.
Leo Messi
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Former Miss World Honored With Whole Family

FB 796 – At the Miss World 2014 .. Aishwarya honoured .. Abhishek and Aaradhya join in at London .. Joy !
Amitabh Bachchan
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Jackie & Mark Hang Out, Enjoying Company

We’re Number 1!
成龍 Jackie Chan
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Cuteness That Keep Your Soul Alive

Nothing like a tiny snowman to melt your heart.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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Useless Regret That Drowns Your Honesty

Happy Monday
Keyshia Cole
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Humanity Served, Worthy Person To Follow

Today in 1979, Bob was in the Bahamas lending his time to a fundraising concert for the ‘International Year of the Child’ Commission. #TodayInBobsLife
Bob Marley
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Happiness is Everywhere & Nowhere, Depends On Person

“Todo o homem feliz é um homem que traz Deus dentro de si. E a felicidade pode ser encontrada num simples grão de areia do deserto.” – O ALQUIMISTA
Paulo Coelho
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