Bob Marley Still Alive and The Rock Anxious - Celebs Briff

Bob Marley Still Alive and The Rock Anxious – Celebs Briff

Gala’s Beauty Increased By Jlo, Take A Look, Meet A Very Influential Artist, Worthy Award Winner Indeed or The Wonder Women of This Halloween – etc many more on today’s Celebs Briff

The Rock, Very Anxious About The Health of Fishes

Bass, carp, bullheads and sunnies… I raise em fat on my farm.
Cold weather is makin’ my babies sluggish and slowing down their metabolism. Had to switch from spinnerbaits to soft plastics – Texas rig style.
Many of you are saying “What the f*ck are you even talkin’ about right now?” My fellow anglers speaketh my language
Dwayne The Rock Johnson
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Will Smith With His Boy, Time Passes First

My baby is 14 today. Happy Bday, Bean!
Will Smith
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Joel Praying, Catch Him Live

Praying with my friend Nik Wallenda at #SkyscraperLive. Watch Live on the Discovery Channel.
Joel Osteen Ministries
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Taylor Swift’s Night Time Hangout Place

A casual Saturday night with Abigail and Lily Aldridge. #TS1989
Taylor Swift
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Gala’s Beauty Increased By Jlo

@lacma @gucci #artandfilm gala
Jennifer Lopez
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Mysterious Day, A Lot Better Than A Typical One

“Cuando llega la noche y nadie me ve, me asusto por todo: la vida, la muerte, el amor y su ausencia, el hecho de que todas las novedades se están convirtiendo en hábitos, la sensación de que estoy perdiendo los mejores años de mi vida en una rutina que va a seguir repitiéndose hasta queme muera, y el pánico a enfrentarme a lo desconocido, por más emocionante y aventurero que sea.”
– ADULTERIO – In all bookstores and also on Amazon (
Paulo Coelho
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Bob Marley Alive, Will Be Alive Inside His Fans

“Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow, we can do it anyhow: I’n’I will see you through.” #Jammin
Art by Alex Young (artist/illustrator).
Bob Marley
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Very Influential Artist, Worthy Award Winner Indeed

Emma was named ‘British Artist of the Year’ by BAFTA/LA at The Britannia Awards last night!
Emma Watson
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Meet The Wonder Women of This Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!
Miranda Cosgrove
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Busy Time Going For Miley Cyrus

bb showa life
Miley Cyrus
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