A Beautiful Mind and Creative Corner Explored – Viral Briff

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Read some humor for Harry Potter’s fans only, Creative corner, story of a beautiful mind or watch the place you’d envy to live on – interesting, shocking, mind-soothing etc many more on today’s Viral Briff


Humor For Specific Movie Fans Only

Harry Potter fans, these are for you.


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Powerful Voice of a Woman Representing All Mothers

Absolutely lovely.


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No One Can See The Complete Beauties World Can Offer

There’s more to our world than we could ever imagine.


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Amazing Model Made, Preparing For Halloween

Triceratops made from pumpkins, spotted at the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at Westchester County’s Van Courtlandt Manor last year.

I fucking love science

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Hilarious Face Expression From Typical Days

The faces I make everyday

Dude Perfect

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People Don’t Like To Believe Friend’s Luck

I’m starting to doubt our friendship.

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Self Study is The Best Study, Creative Corner

Self-taught Australian sculptor Ben Young creates more beautiful layered glass sculptures:

Bored Panda

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Beautiful Long Dresses Design, Trendy Pictures

Long Coral Dresses

Stylish Eve

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Stories From A Beautiful Mind

“So get this. I’m driving down Park Avenue one day and this guy waves for me, so I pull over and I ask him where he’s going. He tells me 74th street, and I tell him that’s too far for me, because my shift just ended, so he says ‘thanks anyway’ and walks away. But then I think about it, and I start feeling bad for the guy, cause hey– I got a conscience. So I call him back to the cab and tell him to hop in. And he gets in the car all excited, all animated, and he’s talking about all these things. But he’s got his cap pulled down way over his eyes, so I can’t see who it is. But pretty soon I start to recognize his voice. And when we get to a light, I turn to him, and I look him in the eye, and I scream: “WIIIIIIILLLSSSSSOOOOOOON!!!” And that really got him. He started laughing hard. He sees that I’ve got this Ferrari hat on, and a Ferrari shirt too, so he starts calling me ‘Mr. Ferrari.’ The whole ride, he keeps calling me ‘Mr. Ferrari.’ So after we get to his destination, we snap a quick photo, and he goes on his way. And I think that’s it. But that’s not it, cause get this. Over the next few weeks, I just happen to randomly pick up people that know him. People who have acted with him before, people who work with him. And every time, I tell them: ‘Tell Mr. Hanks that Mr. Ferrari says ‘hello.'” Every time I say that. Then one day I’m driving, and I get a text from one of the people that I’d driven, and it says: ‘Mr. Hanks wants to invite you to see his Broadway show.’ So I bring my lady to the show, and we get to go backstage and everything, and after the show, we’re waiting for him in his dressing room, and he walks in and screams: ‘Mr. Ferrari!’ Can you believe that story? And you wanna know the craziest thing? The name of his show was ‘Lucky Guy.’ How crazy is that? Cause that was me. A lucky guy!”

Humans of New York

Likes: 869,721+ | Shares: 62,233+ | Source: Humans of New York


Dream Place To Live On

Jewel of Maui ᴷᴬ

Architecture & Design

Likes: 21,415+ | Shares: 1,940+ | Source: Architecture & Design


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