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NFX startup

Israel. According to Levy, all the investors in the first fund participated and increased their investment in the second fund, and even three new investors joined. The fund invests in projects that focus on the “network effect”, meaning that every user on the network benefits from joining another user. Some notable examples are Facebook and […]

5 Tips in trading stocks

  Trading on European stock exchanges opened this morning with gains. Dax is up 0.5%, FTSE adds 0.4% and CAC is up 0.1%. Stokes 600 rises by 0.3%. Asian trading closed in a mixed trend. Nikkei lost 0.14%, Shanghai soared 1.23%, the ASX 200 rose 0.37% and Kospi added 0.27%. Heng Seng is currently trading […]

nsadaq news

  Positive closing on Wall Street: Nasdaq rose above 1%, chip stocks soared to 4.7% Leading indexes on Wall Street were painted green in light of the rejection of the presidential order against Wavi • Teva added more than 3% to its value • European stock markets closed higher, similar to the positive sentiment on […]

Gardicore buy rec

  Gardicore raised $ 60 million to secure better servers The Israeli company has raised $ 112 million so far from a number of funds, including 83North, Battery Ventures and Deutsche Telekom. Guardicore, which develops software for both physical and cloud servers, has completed a $ 60 million third financing round, led by the Komra […]

5 best investments

  A generous dividend of NIS 102 million The Board of Directors of Altshuler Shaham Gemel and Pension adopted a dividend distribution policy last week, according to which “subject to the provisions of the law, compliance with the minimum capital requirements and restrictions imposed on it by virtue of the financing agreements, and subject to […]

Altshuler Shaham- buy or sell

  Altshuler Shaham Provident Funds’ pension is approaching the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange According to market estimates, the provident and pension company intends to become public by the end of June until the beginning of July. The market estimates that the estimated value of the company’s issue will range between NIS 700-850 million, but it […]

shekel ns dollar – who win?

  The shekel weakened after the interest rate; The dollar jumped 0.7% Amir Kahanovich, chief economist of Excellence Investment House, said, “The shekel weakened after the decision of the Bank of Israel yesterday, which made it clear that the bank sees the strengthening of the shekel as the main factor delaying the rise in inflation […]

Best start up to invest

  Start-up Simplepay raised $ 30 million The company develops security software in the field of automation of security and response processes. This is its third financing round, with $ 58 million raised to date. Amos Stern, co-founder and CEO of the company: “The whole SOAR field started to grow very quickly, in the field” […]

smart investments

  Asian trading closed in a mixed trend. Nikkei rose 0.24% and the ASX 200 surged 1.74%. Shanghai fell by 0.4% and Kospi closed unchanged. Heng Seng is currently trading at 0.57%.   Google is cutting off some of the business relationship with China’s Wavi, which is involved in the transfer of hardware, software and […]

good shars in nasdaq

  The first day of trading this week on Wall Street opened with declines in the shadow of fears of a trade war and a worsening of the threats between the US and Iran The Nasdaq index is losing 1.2% at the opening, the Dow Jones is down 0.4% and the S & P 500 […]

5 stocks to buy

  More about global and world markets The pressure on Wall Street continues. Leading indexes are losing ground on fears of escalating the war on trade after US technology giants announced their severing ties with Chinese wavi. The Nasdaq index is losing 1.2%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average is losing only 0.3%, while the […]

wall street stocks

google7413c6c3087d16f2google-site-verification: google7413c6c3087d16f2.html Wall Street closed negative: Nasdaq fell 1.5%, technology sector was notable for its declines Concerns about worsening trade war weighs on opening of trading week Apple, Intel, Broadcom and Alibaba were conspicuous in declines • Ford car maker announced 10% cut in workforce • OPEC signaled further reduction in oil production Wall Street […]

Blockkin tech

  If ventures fail to build critical mass or produce real value for participants quickly, they may fail. This does not mean that long-term projects should be avoided. Bold ideas that introduce new sources of income can create new systems and generate higher returns over time.   The influence of the network The value of […]

info about Blockkin

  Your portfolio is exposed to Blockkin? Some things to know Although Lockcine is a young technology, it is reasonable to assume that no investment portfolio will be completely immune to its effects. Any investment in the field requires an early examination of the potential value and risk assessment. The experts of the Boston Consulting […]

Broadcom shares – buy this stock

  Broadcom shares (272.59 -5.97%) Fell on Wall Street on Monday after Bloomberg reported that the US Federal Trade Commission had examined the company’s tactics around its processor sales.   Last year, Trump stopped Broadcom’s bid to acquire Qualcomm.   The federal agency is looking for an indication that Broadcom has passed competition laws on […]

the most funniest signs ever

Despite concerns over Amazon’s mall business, Melisron improved net profit in the first quarter The Melisron mall company and offices reported a 1% decrease in revenues in the first quarter of 2019 compared with the corresponding quarter in 2018 to NIS 382 million. On the other hand, a 5.4% increase in net profit was recorded, […]

worst builders

BioProtect’s solution has received a further boost in recent years as radiation therapy has begun to allow more intensive radiation therapy programs, including higher radiation doses per dose of radiation, so that treatment can be shortened and improved. However, due to the need for higher intensity radiation, the need to protect nearby organs also increased. […]

dirty mind test

Faber Israel, which has developed an online trading arena for freelancers, is on the verge of a Wall Street IPO. The company has published a public prospectus and is expected to start a road show in the coming weeks. The prospectus shows that the company is growing by more than 40%. The company’s annual revenue […]