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NEXT PAGE NECT PAGE NECT PAGE NECT PAGE NEXT PAGE dividend yield while waiting for the share to jump as a result of the rise in the price of oilIf any energy expert dared to predict that the price of crude would fall by more than 60% in a year and a half, they would […]

smart in wall street

NEXT PAGE  Next Page  NEXT PAGE  Next Page NEXT PAGE had already been tightened when risk aversion caused disposal of risky assets. , A combination of a sudden halt in energy development projects, and the impact on banks that lent large amounts to a shale production company could be significant.Such circumstances, although recession remains an […]


NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE The company, Pharma C, develops a series of cannabis-based products to improve injuries and immune system activity. The company is interested in developing a product that will combine cannabis with other active ingredients and will not be marketed as a drug. The company also provides […]


NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE That is the figure that boosts oil by 4% to $ 32 per barrelOil inventories in the US fell by 800,000 barrels last week, while the market was expecting an increase of 3 million barrels. Iranian oil minister calls for dialogue with Saudi Arabia to […]


NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE  NEXT PAGE EMGFOX EMGFOX Dale said that the global oil output, which is largely from North America, will grow from 5 percent of total liquid output to 10 percent in 2035. Oil shale oil is called “tight oil” because most of it is in textured rocks crowded. […]

OIL trading options

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE The conditional agreement to freeze oil production, announced on Tuesday by Saudi Arabia and Russia, is a triumph in the art of diplomacy. This agreement yields the maximum rhetorical effect in return for a minimal honest commitment. The cautious wording of the agreement says everything […]

Best investments ever

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE It is possible to combine investment in large companies of a defensive nature, with exposure to the world’s leading and strongest energy companies in terms of operations and finance, through the iShares Core High Dividend ETF Fund (HDV). The fund, managed by Blackrock, the leading […]

NEW investments offers

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE What would make the Russian bear? After failing to diversify the growth engines of its economy in recent decades, Russia remains completely dependent on the energy market as its engine of growth. When oil prices are at a low ebb, it is hard to see […]

How to choose the right stock

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE At the same time, El Al summoned a shareholders’ meeting for the next month to raise the salary of its CEO, David Maimon, by 33%, from NIS 97,500 today to NIS 130,000, linked to the CPI, and to lower the rate El Al explained that […]

oil – how to invest

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE  NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE Afek is preparing for the sixth drill in the southern Golan Heights After four drillings that did not produce commercial results, and another drilling in which a water reservoir is found and handed over to Mei Golan, Afek Energy renews drilling in the Golan Heights. […]

how to invest smart in OIL

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE Leumi Capital Markets: To extend the average duration in the bond market to 4-5 Leumi Capital Markets estimates that the sharp increase in oil prices is not expected to continue over time, against the backdrop of the continuing reality of excess world supply of oil. […]

how to choose the right stock

Next page Next page next page next page next page Strawberry – a “boring” company with bonds that could leapMicha Czerniak, an expert on debt and equity, warns against refusing to accept the offer by Strawberry, who is trying to repay the bonds cheaply, and that the bond could rise to 9 percent early, and […]

how to invest smart!

NEXT PAGE  Next Page  NEXT PAGE  Next Page NEXT PAGE Oil prices rise by 2% in the shadow of tension in the Persian Gulf; European stock exchanges are trading on gains Futures on Wall Street’s leading indexes are signaling opening gains • Hang Seng led the declines in the most prominent indices in East Asia […]

stocks – buy it today!

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE In anticipation of the Israeli reports on Wall Street, who will beat the forecasts and who will disappoint? Check Point is expected to report Wednesday growth of 4.2% in churches to $ 488 million and a slight decline in net profit to $ 1.37 per […]

nasdaq report 3

NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXR PAGE NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE Mark Faber warns: “The stock market is in a bubble, it will rise 20% and then it will collapse” The Swiss investor said in an interview with CNBC that the only thing that would prevent the bubble in the stock market from exploding was the […]

stay in or out

An indication that the market is nearing its peak . “The timing of the retail investors tends to be terrible,” said Jonathan Pond, an independent investment adviser from Massachusetts who manages about $ 200 million. “These deposits may be an indicator that the market is nearing its peak.” Earlier this month, Blackrock Investment Fund CEO […]

best tips – buy or sell

Netflix stock (315.10 -3.11%) Is now down by about 0.5%, and thus the streaming giant is down for a second day. The company dropped 11% last night on the eve of the publication of a decline in the number of users of the company in the US for the first time since 2011.American Express confirmed […]

bonds or stocks

Back to 2018. At the beginning of February, the Fed began to reduce its balance sheet. It is important to emphasize that the Fed’s balance sheet is actually a commitment that the Fed has to the banks, and it is recorded in the banks’ balance sheet as an asset. Therefore, when the Fed’s balance sheet […]

best stocks to buy!

Leading indexes on European stock markets closed lower, led by the German DAX, which shed 0.9%. The French CAC fell 0.3% and the British FTSE lost 0.6%. On Wall Street, indices are losing up to 0.4% in the background for the rest of the reporting season.The price of Bitcoin is recovering from the declines recorded […]

shekel ns dollar – who win?

  The shekel weakened after the interest rate; The dollar jumped 0.7% Amir Kahanovich, chief economist of Excellence Investment House, said, “The shekel weakened after the decision of the Bank of Israel yesterday, which made it clear that the bank sees the strengthening of the shekel as the main factor delaying the rise in inflation […]

smart investments

  Asian trading closed in a mixed trend. Nikkei rose 0.24% and the ASX 200 surged 1.74%. Shanghai fell by 0.4% and Kospi closed unchanged. Heng Seng is currently trading at 0.57%.   Google is cutting off some of the business relationship with China’s Wavi, which is involved in the transfer of hardware, software and […]

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