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the big lebowski trivia

Think You Know Everything About the Dude? Guess Again!

You’re a Lebowski. I’m a Lebowski. These days, pretty much everybody loves The Big Lebowski. Who doesn’t love this loopy stoner comedy created by the inimitable Coen Brothers? The Big Lebowski tells a strange, rambling, and hilarious story of mistaken identity, stolen money, scheming, and accidental insemination. A cult classic, this movie inspires game nights, […]

Star Trek the Next Generation Tales From the Set - Cast

Think You Know Everything About Star Trek TNG? Guess Again!

Whether you are a die hard fan of Star Trek the Next Generation TV series, or you just want to know what all the fuss is about than these fun facts are a must know!   Picard Was Almost Killed Off The Captain Could Have Died a Borg: In the famous final episode of Season 3, the […]

The Sopranos Secrets

The Sopranos: Best Moments of the Series

What’s your favorite moment of The Sopranos? – The Diner Scene in season 6? – Lost in the Woods in “Pine Barrens”, season 3? – The Ducks Fly Away in season 1? We miss The Sopranos and TV of this magnitude. As a tribute from and for true fans, we’ve picked the best moments from […]

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Secrets

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Surprising Stories

Remember the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Whether you loved it or hated it, it’s sure to have made an impression! And this article promises to do the same. It is full of fantastic stories and trivia, with great pictures and even a video at the end! Did you know that when The Rocky Horror Picture […]

Star Trek Troi Cleavage

Star Trek: The Original Series – Surprising Stories

Love Star Trek: The Original Series? Then you will love this article! I bet we can surprise you with a lot of these fun behind the scenes stories. Plus there are great photos and a funny video at the end! Do you know what the original name of Star Trek was going to be? It […]

Clockwork Orange Darth Vader

A Clockwork Orange: Surprising Stories

Loved Stanley Kubrick’s disturbing, futuristic film? A cult classic, this movie inspires many discussions, but did you know all the weird and interesting things that happened while filming? Read on for some amazing behind-the-scenes stories, trivia, and great photos! Plus, we’ve found a really cool video that you can watch at the end! The Star Wars Connection […]

The Pregnancy Dance Video: Must Watch

All women who watch this Pregnancy Dance video love her and then hate her You simply have to watch this 3-minute video of the Pregnancy Dance. It’s going to break the internet… Do not miss the last 20 seconds! The Couple Behind the Pregnancy Dance Israeli dancer and local celebrity, the beautiful and talented Maya […]

star wars mistakes header

Star Wars Mistakes and Hidden Surprises

Even the most die-hard Star Wars fans probably missed these mistakes! We’ve found the craziest mistakes you probably missed, plus some really cool stories we bet you didn’t know! Read through this list and let us know in the comments if you noticed these! And don’t forget to watch the video at the end…it’s really […]

Full Metal Jacket: Surprising Stories

Stanley Kubrick is a versatile and incredible filmmaker – from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Eyes Wide Shut, his repertoire has stunned and amazed those who watch them. Recently, I re-watched Full Metal Jacket (1987) and was blown away by the beauty, skill, and plot. If you’ve watched this epic tale of Marines in the […]

valentines titanic

Titanic Revealed: Surprising Facts and Photos from Behind the Scenes

1. Love Titanic? Check how many of these facts and rare behind-the-scenes photos you know… Don’t miss the trivia facts below the photos: When preparing for the James Cameron’s epic movie Titanic, the studios wanted Matthew McConaughey, but Cameron insisted on Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh, and there’s a great video towards the end. Enjoy! 2. Did […]

star trek episodes header

Best 30 Star Trek Episodes Ever

We went through all 79 episodes of this iconic show (the original, of course) and ranked the best 30. From worst to best, here’s the Star Trek episodes from the original series that made our cut! 30. “Bread and Circuses” – S02E25 30. “Bread and Circuses” — The USS Enterprise encounters wreckage of the SS […]

Almost Famous Facts Cover

The 25 Best Things About Almost Famous

I still remember the first time I saw Almost Famous. I was twelve, and my sister and I snuck into the theater (with its scandalous 14A rating, we were a few years too young to be watching it) and spent the next few hours enthralled by the music, clothes, and sweet love story between William and […]

valentines header

The Best Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day

The Best Valentine’s Day Movies Looking for a unique way to spend Valentine’s Day? Why not skip the stuffy restaurants, clichéd teddy bears, and overdone red roses in favor of a romantic date night at home? We recommend grabbing your favorite person, pet or blanket and curling up with a good romantic movie. We’ve put together […]

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens 30 - Rey Finn and BB-8 run from blast

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

My first thought after watching The Force Awakens was – I have to watch it again! If you feel the same, until we get a chance, here are some remarkable photos from the movie together with some surprising stories from behind the scenes. Don’t miss the hints about Rey’s true father and the videos towards […]

Spider Hole Secrets

Best Short Videos You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

Crazy Short Video #20: Man Reaches Into Cave Hole And Pulls Out Your Worst Nightmare (don’t miss the rest of the viral videos below) I never even touched the back of the hole- endless spider supply! Explanation: Daddy Long Leg Spiders nest or cluster in a hole in a cliff. Don’t miss the next viral […]

The Sopranos Secrets

The Sopranos: Best Moments

What’s your favorite moment of The Sopranos? – The Diner Scene in season 6? – Lost in the Woods in “Pine Barrens”, season 3? – The Ducks Fly Away in season 1? We miss The Sopranos and TV of this magnitude. As a tribute from and for true fans, we’ve picked the best moments from […]

James Bond Girls Timeline

The James Bond Girls

The Bond Girls Timeline James Bond girls – sexy, clever, strong – they all have a special role in our culture since 1962’s Honey Ryder until the recent Severine and newest Lucia Sciarra. Looking at them one by one along the timeline teaches us something about the place of female characters in modern cinema, about […]

Gilmore Girls New Episodes Secrets

Gilmore Girls: Fun Facts

Welcome back, Gilmore Girls… Real fans have to read this post! The Gilmore Girls are back! As you must have heard, the series finally returns with four new 90-minute episodes, and we’re super excited. If you want to know when and where to watch the new episodes on Netflix, you’re in the right place. We’re already […]

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Secrets

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

The Secrets of The Empire Strikes Back – You Have to Read This! Secrets Revealed: True fans of Star Wars, Welcome! I’m not going to enter the debate of which part of the Star Wars saga rules. Celebrating love for all Star Wars movies, this is the story of Star Wars – Part V: The […]

Star Wars A New Hope Secrets

Star Wars Secrets: Episode IV – A New Hope

Star Wars Secrets: Episode IV – A New Hope Like Star Wars? You will love this article! This is the first part of a series of posts revealing secrets and stories from behind the scenes of Star Wars. Some of these stories were never revealed before. Others are a little older, yet most Star Wars […]

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