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4. University of Salamanca, Spain

Top 10 Active Ancient Universities in The World

Ancient Universities are considered as the pillar of modern education. These universities have great influence on today’s revolution in education. It also announces the rich civilizations. How rich a civilization was, can be measured by their level of education system. Morocco and Egypt have the oldest one under the Muslim Civilization, whereas European countries like […]

Tel Aviv Beach Beautiful Israel

Beautiful Israel – Hidden Beauty You Never Knew

These photos of beautiful Israel will force you to visit Don’t you want to visit a country which not only beautiful, but also bears a strong history? If you want, then Israel will be a great country to visit for. Israel is a very historical place in the middle east.The geographical location of Israel is […]

Wonder Woman and Stuntwoman Jeannie Epper Celebrities Stunts

Celebrities Stunts – The Real Heroes Behind The Scene

Celebrities stunts double: Compare the similarities We always cheer to those celebrities who entertain us with their actions like jumping from their cars or buildings. The question is – “Do they originally take part in those real dangerous scenes?” No, they are not. Movie makers always use stunts on those dangerous scenes. Celebrity stunt doubles […]

Scarlett Johansson and John Travolta Celebrity Spoilers

Celebrity Spoilers – Funnier Than You Think

These celebrity spoilers can make your day Nobody wants to be sad. Everybody wants to laugh. Photos are considered as the expression of life. After three successful Funny Photobombs posts we have decided to represent funny spoiler of celebrities. These funny photos of celebrities are collected from their various events and social media profiles. These […]

Hunter Bird Animal Murals

Dzia’s Animal Murals – Street Paintings to amuse you

These Animal Murals shows remarkable creativity Painting is an incredible art. Dzia is a Belgian artist well-known for his amazing paintings and street murals of animals. He is a famous street painter. This man is a genius of his work. After watching the pictures of his street paintings, you will definitely agree that these paintings […]

Scary Clowns

Scary clowns – Turn Your Dream Into A Nightmare

These photos of Scary Clowns can dig into your deepest fear What do we understand by clowns? Simple answer- clowns are the one who entertains us by jokes and tricks. Clowns are mostly found in a circus or in a play. They decorate themselves and their activity always makes us laugh loudly. But these clowns […]

Mind blowing cloud covers Lake Bled of Slovenia

Lake Bled Of Slovenia – Peace of Mind Awaits For You

Lake Bled of Slovenia is a heaven for the photographers People who loves silence and natural beauty, Lake Bled is a place for them. Amazing landscapes and serene beauty awaits for the photographers also. If you are confident enough to show your photographic skills, don’t miss the chance of capturing the beauty of Lake Bled. […]

Koala Surprised

Surprised Animals – Better Facial Expressions Than Human

These photos of Surprised Animals are hilarious Do you think that only human can give an expression when they are surprised? Not really. Animals are actually better than human while giving expressions. Nature has given power to everyone to precise their feelings. It can be measured with communication skill. It should be measured by the […]

Megan Fox Pregnant Celebrities

Pregnant Celebrities – Not an Isolated Period

Pregnant Celebrities Bikini Photos In Public Pregnancy period is the most memorable moment of any women’s lifetime. At this time, every moment is very exciting and remarkable for mothers. Pregnant women lose their beauty and struggle in this period. This time is very sensitive for them also. They feel like isolated. They don’t want to […]

People not saved from danger but photography is a must Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction – Less Benefit, Bigger Loss

Smartphone Addiction making people more unsocial New innovation of technology makes our life easier than before. Smartphones are becoming a part and parcel of our life. Thanks to smartphones, we more connected to each other than the past. Can you imagine passing a day without your smartphones? I am sure you have never thought a […]

Fly Geyser, Nevada, Usa Mysterious Places

Mysterious places – Seems Unreal, Beauty Has No Limits

These mysterious places are really amazing Our world is full of mysteries. Sometimes we might get shocked by its mystery and think ‘Is this really possible’!These are the photos of some mysterious places from all over the earth. You could probably get lost in their beauties.It is so hard to believe that these places are […]

Sydney Opera House Water Reflections

Water Reflections – Enhanced Beauty You’d Love To Explore

Creative Water Reflections Turns These Photos Into Pieces of Artwork Reflection photography is very challenging and needs special kind of concept to capture. Angle, perception and mostly the creative artist’s eyes are needed to take it. Not everyone can take it. Artist need to set his perspective first. Then he can start working with it. […]

Baltoro Glacier & K2, Pakistan Best Treks

Best Treks Around The World For Challengers

Best Treks For The People Who Want To Explore Trekking is a very exciting experience for those people who love to take challenges against the wild. It is not an easy task. Some people like trekking because of the difficulties throughout the journeys. Everyone loves the natural beauty, but to experience those beauties, sometimes people […]

Suspicious Boyfriend Funny Tweets

Funny Tweets To Make You Laugh

These Funny Tweets Are Hilarious Twitter is nowadays a great medium of expressing your feelings. People all over the world tweets about their ideas, views and feelings. Celebrities use this social media platform to engage with people. Share their thoughts, emotion and reaction about something. But sometimes the twitter can be a great funny place […]

Okapi Strange Animals

Strange Animals Probably You’ve Never Seen Before

Strange Animals Proved The Diversity of Mother Nature Proved Again World is a beautiful place where mother nature always ruled. Human are trying to compete with nature. They can’t fully control it. But nature never see us as a competitor, rather as a companion to live side by side. It is human nature to explore […]

Beautiful Eyes

Beautiful Eyes – Only Eyes Can Express The Soul

These Beautiful Eyes Can Tore Your Heart Apart “Beauty is how you feel on inside and it reflects in your eyes.” Eyes reflect the soul and it the most important part in human body which can express. It shows the emotion, happiness or sadness. Eyes can hypnotize the people too. People looks for the beauty […]