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public sphere, whether it is medicine, education from kindergarten to high school, or training workers.”But for my land, this way of thinking is itself the problem. “What are their solutions: social entrepreneurship, social investment, a course that imagines capitalism anew, a thought about how business can help solve society’s problems … The assumption that is embodied in this thinking is that governments can not and do not want to solve these problems. Weak and corrupt, why is it that you helped them weaken? “Zuckerberg controls Facebook alone”The question is whether democratic governments can be strong, and how democracy can work together with a free market and help it be free, can we accept the best of all worlds, what is good in democracy and what is good in capitalism,” says Adamati, and returns to the world of technology .”The question is whether the people in Silicon Valley are basically democracy-lovers, and that’s a very difficult question, and I’m not sure that Peter Till, the legendary entrepreneur and investor who sits on Facebook’s board, From zero to one, “wire explains that the goal is to create a monopoly,” he says, “this competition is for losers”: competition is low on us, competition is zero profits, profits are monopoly, and in his world there is not much room for governments, And the winning technologists will take care of everything else. “Wire is a case in your opinion?”It’s an extreme case, the question is whether it represents the mood of Silicon Valley, some deep current, take Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg’s power is unbelievable, Zuckerberg controls Facebook alone, and the board of directors can not do anything. He has 60% of the voting rights. “At this point, my land tells of a former Facebook algorithmist who lectured on the course she gave, and told about his experiences in the company. “He had all sorts of ideas about how to help the algorithm work better, for the public good, for the benefit of users, for democracy, things that are difficult to measure and may not measure in Facebook’s earnings, but Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg

(Facebook’s powerful chief operating officer) Others, and he left in deep frustration. Facebook has billions of users, and Mark Zuckerberg’s decisions affect everyone. This is more powerful than most politicians and heads of state. “How do students get these messages? You sit in Silicon Valley, and then they go to work in these companies, or invest in them, or build companies themselves.These companies are very dominant among us, the former president of Stanford, for example, was on Google’s board of directors, and the biggest contributors to the Internet and Society Center at the law school are the Big Tech companies, but there is a feeling that the students are restless. About the ethics of computer science, which attracted a huge audience, the students felt uncomfortable, there was a perception that innovation is for the benefit of the world and they are less sure of it now.In my opinion, the students are asking bigger questions at the moment, they feel that this is their future and that of their children, and they want to understand things in a deeper way, and I think that in business and in general we have to raise the bar, What we see is symptoms of a problem that, if we do not understand it, we will not be able to solve it, and we should do some thinking about the depth of the problem, what we want, and how we can get there. “The Facebook Libra: “It’s good that they have been arrested in the meantime”The governments were alarmed by the currency that Facebook is planning, and rightly so, Prof. Adami says: “This is a challenge”Anyone looking for a fresh illustration of the struggle between the technology companies and governments described by Prof

. Adamati can find him in Libra, the digital currency Facebook announced a month ago. Or rather, Facebook is leading a consortium of companies and organizations that was supposed to launch the new currency, which will be attached to an international currency basket next year. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump, his finance minister Steven Menuchin, both the US Congress and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell have already made it clear that they have a lot of objections to Facebook’s plans. The government, “says Adamati. “Because the power of the governments is connected to the power of the central banks, which can issue currencies, and we have created countries and central banks that together are supposed to manage the entire local economy.” Libra, which is linked to a basket of currencies, creates intolerable problems for the global banking system. Well, what does it do to the stability of the currencies, to the power of the central banks, to the interaction between the central banks, and the governments were rightly alarmed: this is a certain challenge. “Facebook’s problem is that their image at the moment is not good, so they realized that they can not say that they control Libra – instead they are talking about cooperation with some non-profit organization. What would he be? A central bank of this thing? And what will they do with the money? There are millions of questions about how it will work, and where it will work, for those who will have power, and what it means for financial stability, and what it will do to banks. A new world of questions. I personally have no love for the banking system, and I do not think the existing

system is so good, so I do not rule out the possibility that there is something good here. But Facebook’s power, the information issue and a thousand other questions make me, let’s say, want to think about it. We all have to think about it well, and it’s good that they have been arrested in the meantime. “Arie Baldgreen is also looking for the money in the wall: He will set up a life sciences infrastructure company with Tishman SpeyerThe venture capital fund of Prof. Bledgreen, founder of the company, has announced the establishment of a joint venture with real estate giant Tishman Spire, one of the leading real estate companies in the USProf. Arie Baldgreen, who founded the company, which was sold in an extraordinary deal to Pharma Pharma for $ 12 billion, will soon start investing in real estate. Baldgreen Venture Capital, Belco, announced the establishment of a joint venture with Tishman Spayer, specializing in the construction of office buildings in New York.The joint company will be called Breakthrough Properties, and will acquire, develop and manage buildings and infrastructures related to the life sciences field. The company will operate in the world’s leading biotech markets (and therefore also in Israel) in the fields of biotech for drugs, agriculture and nutrition.The company has already announced its first acquisition in Boston, the world’s leading biotech city. The project is expected to be completed by 2021.The real estate sector has been on the rise in recent years, with the life sciences sector growing at its fastest rate since 2000, and employment in the field growing by 42 percent in the past two years.Tishman Spire, which owns buildings such as the Rockefeller Center in New York, the Yankees Stadium, Hearst Media and others, has entered new fields within the real estate sector in recent years, and last year announced the establishment of joint work areas.The relationship between the companies was created in a family manner. The son of Arie Baldgreen, Dan Baldgreen, worked for several years in Tishman Spire,

and will now manage the joint venture. Dr. Rivka Baldgreen, the wife of Arie Baldrigin, manages Belco, and is currently busy with Alogen, which is developing the next generation of CAR-T treatment developed by Kate, The Israeli company, which developed a delayed release version for the treatment of urinary cancer, is also investing in several biomed companies.$ 105 million in funding from the Google FoundationKronos Bio, whose chairman and co-founders, through its two-river fund, announced that it has raised $ 105 million in round A, led Vida Ventues (another fund founded by Baldrigin) and the Omega Fund Funds, along with GV (AlphaBaby’s investment fund, Google’s parent company), Perceptive Advisors, Invus, Polaris Partners and Nextech.The company was founded on the basis of research by Prof. Angela Kohler of MIT, who developed a method for quickly identifying molecules that can be effective drugs, even for purposes in the body that have been considered to be difficult to manipulate with a drug.The company is currently in the clinical stage. It is managed by Dr. Novart Bishopberger, vice president of research and development at Glyad, and formerly considered one of the company’s key scientific figures, who has chosen to leave it for work on a Baldgreen venture in its early stages.We are interested in challenging the historical belief that certain targets in the body are not susceptible to influence, and our goal is to develop treatments for areas where there is a great need for no response,” Bishopberger said. The discussion today is to make sure we also have the following Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple “Representatives of the Internet giants, including Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, testified today in a hearing with the US antitrust commissioner. This is the first time that major technology companies

have had to answer questions by elected officials in the United States regarding claims that they violate the laws Antitrust LawIn a hearing held Tuesday evening for representatives of Internet giants with the Anti-Trust Committee in the US House of Representatives. Representatives of Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple were summoned to testify before the committee to answer questions from its members about the nightly effects of their enormous market dominance and its enormous impact on innovation in the field.The participants are Adam Cohen, director of economic policy at Google, Knight Sutton, general counsel for regulation on Amazon, Matt Frulet, head of global policy development on Facebook, and Kyle Indir, vice president of corporate law at Apple. In addition, experts from the field, such as Professor Tim Woo of the Columbia University School of Law, were invited to the discussion.Although these are not CEOs and senior executives familiar to the public, their appearance before the committee marks the first time that large technology companies should answer questions by elected officials in the United States regarding claims that they violate antitrust laws.David Sisline, chairman of the committee that convened today, said, “The head of this committee recently said that ‘there is only one or two major players in every important field in Internet spaces.’ Amazon controls almost half of Internet transactions, and nearly half of US families have an Amazon Prime account, and its biggest stretch, eBay, has only 6 percent of the market. Facebook controls 58% of the US social networking market, and has about 2.7 billion users monthly. Despite rising competition from China like Ticktok, Facebook has more than 80% of revenue from the US social networking market, and no social networking company has been founded in the US since 2011. Finally Apple is accused of preventing competition from apps on its platforms. Apple recently said that Apple has a lot of power “and is using it as a weapon against competition.

“Various reports have found that these companies will not be challenged by competing companies, and at the same time there is consensus that their power prevents start-ups from entering the market and competing with their giants. In recent years, the number of start-ups that received funding has declined significantly. In addition, start-ups depend on these platforms to develop their products. In the past decade, large tech companies have bought hundreds of companies, many of which have been potential or real competitors. None of these acquisitions were challenged by lawmakers and regulators in the area of ​​antitrust. The discussion today is not just to talk about these companies, but to make sure we also have the next Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. “This is the biggest hearing on this committee in about two decades since Microsoft founder Bill Gates came to testify on a company committee in 1998 in the shadow of similar claims. So the discussion focused on turning Microsoft into a monopoly on computer operating systems. Two months later, the US Department of Justice filed an antitrust suit against the company, which almost ended in liquidation.The hearing focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, and the claim that technology giants are detrimental to innovation, in part because they are quick to buy or copy solutions and innovations of innovative start-ups, which reduces the chances of such start-ups to receive high investments from venture capital funds. Among other things, Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder who published a detailed opinion column a few months ago, called for the dismantling of the giant company.The main question being examined by the members of the committee in this context is whether and how the dominance of the topology can block competitors from entering markets. Facebook, Google and Apple did not wait for the committee to answer this question, and in recent months they have produced a series of media statements and interviews. Their common denominator is the claim that they contribute significantly to the technology industry, and that, despite their size, the various fields of innovation remain competitive.The US Department of Defense and the Federal Trade Commission have launched investigations against Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. In addition, Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is running for president of the Democratic Party in the United States, calls for the dismantling of technology giants because of their great power that affects the economy and democracy, she said Today, American media reported that the founder and CEO of Planty, Peter Till, Saying that she is the “most dangerous candidate” among Democratic Party candidates.At the same time, Apple is facing a complaint to the European Union competition

authority, which was filed by SpotPay, that the mobile phone manufacturer is not allowing it to compete fairly against its own music application. This is one of the debates on complaints and claims against technology giants in the European Union. The US Federal Trade Commission is investigating Facebook and Amazon for anti-competitive moves it may have madeEarlier in the day, Facebook representatives came to a hearing before the banking committee to discuss Libra, the cryptographic currency the company plans to launch. The committee greeted the representatives with hostility, accusing them of arrogance and “playing with fire”. The Bitcoin dropped sharply this evening under $ 10,000, according to the CoinMarketCap website, against the background of the US Congress hearing. Bitcoin lost about 9% in the past 24 hours and fell to about $ 9,680.he Libra is a Lucent-based currency, similar to the technology on which Bitcoin is based, it will be used for digital payments and will be managed by an external committee. Despite promises by Facebook that it will cooperate with the regulators, various elements including US President Donald Trump and the US Treasury Secretary have raised Manucin’s concerns that Libra could be abused by money laundering and terrorism terrorists, and that the issue of US national security, And that the project should be subject to great regulation. After 20 years in Cisco: Boaz Maoz has moved to Google to manage the local cloud activityIn his last position, Maoz managed Cisco’s global sales activity in the “Internet of Things”Boaz Maoz was appointed manager of Google’s local cloud activity, replacing Shira Kimhi, who held the position temporarily for about a year. Until last year, Nir Hinski, who runs Google’s cloud operations in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, managed the activity.Maoz came to Google after 20 years in senior management positions at Cisco. In his last position, he directed the company’s global sales activity in the IoT field (the “Internet of Things”

), which also includes cloud and software activity, specifically in this field. Prior to that he served as CEO of Cisco Israel, then was replaced by Oren Sagi.Maoz has held global positions in Cisco, such as Cisco’s global strategic partner, including Citrix, Oracle, SAP, VMware and others.Google’s activity in Israel includes several branches: research and development, led by Yossi Matias; Advertising activity led by Einat Nimsh; And the cloud activity, which will lead, as stated, Boaz Maoz. Maoz’s role includes business activity related to Google Cloud vis-à-vis customers in the public sector and government ministries, as well as in the business sector, which includes working with entrepreneurs and business companies, from start-ups to the largest companies in the economy. At the same time, Google has an activity headed by Na’ama Janco, who works closely with start-ups on business development to help them take advantage of Google’s tools.The cloud is growing rapidly, with Amazon leading the market. It is estimated that Amazon has a market share double that of Microsoft – 32% compared to 16%, according to data from Canalys updated to the end of 2018. Google, whose market share is the third largest (9.5%), does not report the results of its cloud activity. Google Cloud includes Google’s cloud platform and G suite – collaboration and productivity applications like Drive, Dux and Gmail. However, Google’s cloud activity is growing faster – 82%, compared to 76% of Microsoft and 46% of Amazon’s cloud activity.The cloud allows companies to save resources. If in the past companies had to invest capital on servers, they could now hire cloud services according to their needs. In addition, cloud services include the use of Google software and capabilities, such as artificial intelligence technology, machine learning, analysis, etc.Recently, Google Cloud acquired acquisitions of Israeli companies: Alooma for an estimated $ 100-150 million, which developed a system that helps the organization to connect to sources of information in real time from one place in the cloud; Velostrata, which developed a hybrid cloud solution that enables organizations to stream information from applications to the cloud in a transparent way that does not interfere with the sequence of work to perform computing tasks; And last week’s deal – the acquisition of Elastifile, which provides cloud storage technology to large enterprises. The sum of the last two transactions has not been published

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