the payment oprions

the payment oprions


advertising, compared with 23% in the parallel quarter. This means that the payment becomes a little less significant than advertising revenue, which is a positive trend for the company. Reports indicate that the negative trend in the advertising market continues: the number of paid clicks on Google properties grew by 28% in the last quarter. The rate of growth is falling, after the number of clicks grew by 39% in the first quarter of the year, and 66% in the preceding quarter. The cost of each click, reflecting the company’s revenue per click, fell by 11% this quarter compared to the same period last year.WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The US Department of Justice announced this week that it would open a broad review of leading online platforms to test whether antitrust laws violate their practices, while not explicitly citing Google in its announcement.Recently billionaire investor Peter Thale, known as a supporter of US President Donald Trump, has argued that the FBI and the CIA should examine whether Chinese intelligence agencies infiltrated Google, and Trump strengthened his statements.Google Financial StatementsAmazon disappointed the bottom line, provided a low forecast for the next quarterAmazon posted a lower-than-expected growth in the bottom line with a profit of $ 2.6 billion in the quarter • Cloud Sales (AWS) fell by 40% growth, and shortened delivery time of one-day prime service weighed on profit margins Lost altitude in late trading (Nasdaq: AMEX) today published mixed reports after the second quarter of 2019, when it beat the earnings forecast but missed its earnings per share forecast. Amazon’s weak points in the quarter are attributed to cloud sales that fell from a 40% growth rate, and shortened delivery times of one-day prime service, which led to revenue growth but weighed on expenses that jumped by 21%.If that were not enough, Amazon provided a disappointing third-quarter forecast, predicting revenues of $ 66-70 billion, with operating income of $ 3.1-2.1 billion. Compared with an operating profit of $ 3.7 billion in the corresponding quarter last year.Amazon posted a net profit of $ 2.6 billion, or $ 5.22 per share, below analysts’ forecasts of $ 2.8 billion, or $ 5.57 per share, compared with a profit of $ 5 in the parallel quarter. In this way the company actually interrupts the tradition of showing quarterly record profits.Amazon’s revenue grew by 20% to $ 63.4 billion, compared to $ 52.9 billion in the same period last year. Amazon overtook analysts’ early forecasts of $ 62.52 billion. In the previous quarter the growth rate was 17% and was the lowest in the last four years. The increase in revenues is attributed, among other things, to an investment of $ 800 million in the improvement of shipping activity, and in shortening the one-day shipping time for Prime users.

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