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wall street weekend report

If the acquisition goes ahead as planned, Broadcom will likely have to slash Symantec’s spending while maintaining stable revenues. Currently, the companies have not responded to reports of their contacts.

In 2011 Intel also made a similar move when it acquired McAfee for $ 7.7 billion, but in 2016 it sold most of its shares to TPG for $ 4.2 billion.Broadcom has a development center in Israel with hundreds of employees, and last year it announced the establishment of a new building in a unique activity model within the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University, which will unite its employees in Airport City, Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Raanana and the Universe. , Where several dozen employees are employed.Broadcom began operations in Israel in 2000, and made 13 acquisitions in Israel, including the acquisition of BroadLight for $ 195 million (2012) and the acquisition of Provigent for $ 313 million (2011). Symantec also made four acquisitions in Israel, the latest in February when it bought Lumenit Security for $ 200 million.Tel Aviv rises: Mivtach Shamir jumps 9% after huge dealTA-35 rises 0.3%, TA-90 rises at a similar rate Elbit Systems is losing 1.3% on its high turnover in Tel Aviv, Tower climbing 2.3%, Teva jumping 2.3% • The Universe is losing 5%, Tadiran Holdings is jumping More than 4%The fourth trading for this week on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is conducted in the green territory, with a turnover of NIS 300 million. Leading indices are up 0.3%.

Mivtach Shamir shares are up 9% after the jump yesterday, against the background of the purchase of the Alon Tavor power station.

Bounces up 2.3%, B Communications

To enable this, the creators of the first bond certificates evaluated the value based on other information, such as derivatives, interest rates, or similar bond transactions.

Since Blackrock bought the iShares Certificates division from Barclays in 2009, the company is devoting more resources to developing and trading the ETFs market, which now manages $ 6.5 trillion in assets, up from $ 1.3 trillion 10 years ago.

Last month, the Wall Street Journal interviewed one of the biggest proponents of the flourishing bond market – Rob Capito, President of Blackrock, in response to widespread criticism of the liquidity crunch in such ETFs, Capitu found it difficult to conceal his disdain for these doomsday prophets .

(564.00 -5.45%)

Losing 5%, Tadiran Holdings

(12,300.00 + 5.85%)

Jumps more than 4% against the background of the acquisition of the controlling interest in IMI for NIS 100 million.


Golf Board of Directors

(215.2 + 6.17%)

Approved a plan to buy back shares worth up to NIS 5 million.

Cannabis cannabite company

But everything I’ve written here does not move the market in any way. And every time a strong kick to the thigh muscle and foot folds, it returns to a steady position like a kickboxer made of cement and jute cloth.
The main question is whether, despite everything negative in the equation, the US market is set to set new highs and return to an unequivocal upward trend. The answer to this question is difficult, although it seems to be an upward trend, the equation as I wrote is not free from negative components that may erupt without prior warning.
In this analysis I will focus only on the medium term derived from the weekly graph in which each candle represents a trading week.
Middle-time dimension
The surge of gains that began a month ago came out in all three indices after touching the level of support. This is the 2,720 points

The candle of the week is a candle of buyers. How was it built? Declines during the week and the onslaught of buyers towards its end. The body of the candle is small and placed high.
Those who follow the surgeries know that I am not a fan of this type of candle when they arrive after a move ups. Their natural and correct location is after a wave of declines
In such a case it may indicate the entry of the last buyers and that it does not transmit power.
At the same time, one can see that the index flirts with the upper Bollinger band, indicating that it may be too tense
The sequence in the weekly graph rises and in order to establish a dynamic of declines it must break.
Close at the end of the next trading week below the level of 2,887 will indicate a break in the ascending sequence and create a synchronization between the long and medium term and therefore increase the likelihood of a wave of declines.
Hacking a record at all times will require a new route calculation for me.

The stock exchange and the private way of life. It is estimated that first planting now means a first commercial harvest towards the end of the year. Canvite, controlled by Barak Rosen, managed by former MK Yifat Kariv, is traded in Tel Aviv at a company value of NIS 304 million.

Many of your colleagues are trying to find flaws in this,” Capitot told the paper. “This is an unfulfilled desire, because this product really works.”

Blackrock’s iShares certificate division was the first to launch basket certificates in bonds in 2002. Today, this division accounts for about half of the total assets in US bond certificates, and the customers who invest in Blackrock’s certificates pay it more than $ 600 million a year in commissions, Almost 20% of the value of iShares, Morningstar estimates.

These are pocket money compared to the potential that Blackrock builds upon. Capito notes that ETFs hold less than 1% of the world’s debt, meaning that there is another $ 100 trillion in ETFs that can be packaged in ETFs.

It took nearly 17 years to get the first trillion, but Blackrock expects the bond market to double in five years

Tesla overtakes quarterly sales outlook,
The company reported a record quarter of deliveries, which reassures investors after concerns about the low demand for electric vehicles – will the current level of demand turn out to be profitable?
The Tesla share is now leaping during Wall Street’s “Pre-Trading” when the company reported a record quarter of deliveries, which reassures investors after concerns about low demand for electric vehicles.
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Rani Zim increases its share in projects in Tamra and Taibe to 75%
According to the data, Tesla delivered over 95,200 cars to its customers in the three months to June, crossing the previous best figure for the last quarter of 2018. Tesla’s shipments exceeded all forecasts, except for one analyst.
While the results contradict the doubts about demand for Tesla’s vehicles, it remains to be seen whether this level of demand is also profitable, with company CEO Eilon Masak saying the company will post a loss in the second quarter and then report positive profits in the second half.
Tesla did not mention its annual forecast for 360,000 to 400,000 deliveries, a forecast that was reaffirmed in the first quarter reports, but Tesla did not respond when asked if the company adhered to its guidance and would have to meet an average of more than 100,000 units per quarter in the second half To reach the low level of the forecast range.
One of the reasons why Wall Street remains concerned about Tesla’s profitability is to reduce demand for its more profitable models – model 3 and model X – with combined shipments dropping to 17,650 in the quarter, down more tha

Cornet, the manufacturer of digital printing systems, is a leader in the digital printing market for textile products and serves more than 1,200 customers, the largest of which is Amazon. The printing solutions of Thyme have the distinct advantage of shortening printing time, saving direct printing costs on


.short-to-medium runs and saving such as full storage costs. The high investment in research and development enables the company to maintain technological leadership, high print quality, constant innovation and expanding the potential customer circle. In addition, the expansion of the direct sales system enables it to maintain close contact with its customers while simultaneously joining new customers. These, along with market readiness for transition to digital printing, make the thyme accessible for more large customers (Nike,

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