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5 stocks to buy

The Globes-Prometheus sub-index Life Sciences increased by 3.1% in June. At the same time, the TA-Biomed index rose 5.1%, while the Nasdaq Biotechnology index

se. Expectations of a large industry weakness, change in ownership structure, regulatory risk and many other factors may be expected. In the case of Teva, the market is obviously concerned about the impact of recent provisions on the company’s financial strength. It is important to note that looking at a P / E ratio is, of course, only a partial observation, and Teva’s EV / EBITDA multiplier is around 8, which is more likely to be similar to that of other generic companies.Green on Wall Street: Teva up 2.3%, Tesla jumps 5.8%The rally in stock markets continued, despite macro data continuing to weaken. The ADP survey disappointed with the addition of 102,000 jobs last month. Netflix rises 1.3%, Apple rises 0.2%, Bank of America loses 0.6% Wall Street trades moderately higher, with leading indexes trading at all-time highs. In the background of trading, bond yields around the world continue to decline due to fears of an economic slowdown, but stock markets continue to rise following expectations of central bank incentives, and tomorrow’s trading is expected to end earlier than usual (20:00 Israel time). This is becoming a routine in recent times: bond yields around the


month, it stood at $ 29.7, a price that was 41% higher than the value set in the offering (estimates Leumi’s Capital Markets Division headed by Dr. Gil Baffman, who believes

world continue to fall in the background of weak macro data that continue to accumulate. At the same time, equity markets continue to rise, in anticipation of further stimulus from central banks. After the PMI manufacturing sector in China disappointed investors earlier this week, Caixin’s PMI for the services sector failed with a reading of just 52 points. In Europe, the services sector PMI in Germany was a positive surprise with a rise to 55.8 points. Following today’s data, the composite purchasing managers’ index indicates that Europe’s largest economy grew by only 0.2% in the second quarter. In the UK, the economic situation appears to be growing rapidly: after a particularly weak macro data in the last two days in the manufacturing and construction sector, the country’s service sector PMI stood at 50.2 points last month. The latest figures indicate a contraction in the British economy in the coming months, even before the “Brixit” process began.In the US, the ADP preliminary employment survey declined with just 102,000 jobs last month, with expectations for an additional 140,000 jobs, and the May figure was disappointing with only 41,000 jobs. Initial Jobless Claims stood at 221,000 this week, slightly higher than expected, and the US deficit jumped to $ 55 billion in May. The services sector PMI was a positive surprise with a reading of 51.5 points in June, with a preliminary reading of 50.7 points.

The UK bond curve reversed today for the first time since the economic crisis in 2008, with yields on 3-month bonds higher than the yield on 10-year bonds. In Germany, the 10-year yield falls to a level of 0.39% – close to the interest rate on ECB deposits. Recall that the market estimates that the bank cuts the interest rate in the coming months in 15-10 basis points. In the US, the yield on 10-year bonds is now down to only 1.96%.10-year German bond yields versus interest rates on ECB deposits: Interest rate cuts in Europe are closer than ever

In the commodity sector, gold is now climbing 1% and trading at $ 1,422 per ounce. Oil is recovering from yesterday’s sharp declines, climbing 0.5% to $ 56.5 a barrel. It should be noted that the inventory data in the US indicated a smaller drop than expected, which now overshadows the goods.

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Tesla (TSLA: Quote, Profile, Research) is up 5.8 percent, after the company surprised markets last night by reporting 95,200 cars in the last quarter, the company’s strongest figure since its inception. The Wall Street forecast stood at 89,650 deliveries (for the full article).

to the Chinese army, and also manufactures computers for civilian use. The goal of the project was to manufacture chips using the licensing of AMD x86 processor technology. “Soghon’s fundamental mission is to contribute to China’s national defense and security,” the Sogon website said at the end of 2016.

In exchange for the deal, the Chinese government gave AMD a lifeline: $ 293 million in licensing fees, in addition to royalties on the sale of all chips developed by the joint venture. In April of that year AMD received another boost from Beijing – the company announced it would receive a $ 371 million payment for the sale of an 85% stake in two semiconductor plants in China and Malaysia. The holdings were sold to a body controlled by a government fund aimed at developing the chip industry in China.

The United States and China are competing for the development of Exascale, the world’s first supercomputer capable of performing quintillion (billion) calculations per second, supercomputers are used for tasks such as cancer research and weather forecasts, but they also play a key role in developing nuclear weapons systems, Missiles and other systems The chips that American companies make to power computers, including x86, are far superior to any chip China can produce on its own.

Shortly after AMD announced the deal with Sugun, officials at the US Department of Defense learned of a presentation by the joint venture in China that was designed to convince the public of the potential of the venture to make China a leader in processor technology. According to informed sources, Pentagon officials have begun to look quickly for ways to untie the deal. They asked the company’s representatives and tried repeatedly to persuade them to present the deal to the CFI, according to the same source.

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Typically, companies seek the Commission’s approval for transactions that raise national security issues. The committee is headed by members of the Ministry of Finance, and includes representatives of other ministries, including the Ministry of Defense, the Trade Department, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Energy. The committee can recommend to the president to block foreign investment in American assets for reasons of national security.

It was decided: Christine Lagarde is the next chairman of the ECB
The chairman of the IMF since 2011 is expected to replace Mario Draghi at the end of October 2008. Lagarde is considered a “dove” in her views and is expected to continue on Draghi’s path to market incentives
International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chairman Christine Lagarde is expected to be named chairman of the European Central Bank (ECB), becoming the first woman to lead the EU’s monetary policy. The membership is expected to be approved by parliaments in the Union.
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Rani Zim increases its share in projects in Tamra and Taibe to 75%
Lagarde is expected to take up her post on Oct. 31, replacing Mario Draghi, who has been in the position for the past eight years. Lagarde is expected to take up the position during a particularly problematic period for the European Union: most EU countries show zero / negative growth, and inflation is far from the Bank’s targets.
The bank is expected to launch a reduced loan program for banks (TLTRO) in September. In the past month, outgoing bank chairman Mario Draghi hinted that the bank may launch a new purchase plan (QE), just months after the bank completed a 2.5 trillion euro purchase plan.
Lagarde is considered to be a “dove” in her views in recent years, and appears likely to follow Draghi’s path on the issue of market incentives. It should be noted that in the past year Guard claimed that negative interest rates have a positive effect on global economic activity. According to estimates, the bank is expected to announce in September that the interest rate will be cut by 10-15 basis points, and is expected to launch another round of acquisitions.
In a statement, she told Grad that she “sees great respect for the appointment” and will temporarily stop her role as head of the IMF at a time when EU lawmakers will approve her appointment.

The second market that has the opportunity for Python is Data Centers for cloud giants (Google, Facebook, Alibaba, etc.). Google’s average server farm consumes electricity as a small powerhouse, and works 24/7. Therefore, even a savings of 2% or 3% in electricity returns the investment in a flannery transformer within a short time. The biggest customer is a company that makes data centers for the cloud giants, and Python’s transformers are already on the Datas Center of actresses such as Google. With the growth of artificial intelligence, which consumes electricity at higher power levels than conventional ones, we estimate demand for planar transformers to increase.

The company is traded on Euronext Belgium and its parent company in Tel Aviv. Although the first half of 2019 is expected to be relatively weak, due to the digestion of computing capacity of cloud players and the contraction of the automotive industry, the trends that contributed to the increase in Peyton’s sales are expected to continue for many years. The company enjoys a reputation as an expert boutique in the industry and has accumulated experience, and is in fact the leader of the Flanners transformers.

AllocetraTM. Enlivex’s product balances immune system activity in cases where it is out of control, such as post-bone marrow and blood vessel complications.

flow was only NIS 124 million, an erosion of 80%. The reason for ignoring data from 2018 seems to be that the


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