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wall street report. stocks to buy

Oklahoma is on the way to a compromise agreement with Teva, the debate will take place tomorrow

Oklahoma Governor Arrives in Deal with Attorney General on $ 85 Mln Formation of Israeli Drug Company As part of the compromise agreement on the painkillers’ affair, the governor of Oklahoma has reached an agreement with the US Attorney General regarding the $ 85 million payment by the Israeli drug company Teva + 2.14%, as part of the compromise agreement in the case of painkillers.

According to the report, Oklahoma Governor Bob Barke reviewed the agreement with Teva and will present it to the court on Monday, after two weeks ago, the Oklahoma court delayed the company’s compromise with the authorities and caused sharp declines of nearly 9% in the Teva share.

Over the past year, a large number of states in the United States have sued many drug companies, including Teva, claiming that the companies have spread painkillers and mislead consumers that there is a low risk of drug addiction. Opioids in Oklahoma in any way. “In addition, Teva recognizes” the destructive impact on communities in the US as a result of illegal drugs and the abuse of prescription opioids. ” Despite the agreement, Teva is expected to face a number of countries in the near future, which have filed similar claims.

At the beginning of May, 40 US states filed a lawsuit against several drug companies, while Teva was again in the spotlight, claiming that it had acted to coordinate the prices of generic drugs, in which HSBC would have to pay $ 3 billion.

In light of the large number of claims against the company, the main story continues to be the company’s high debt for the coming years, and the concern that the company will not be able to meet its obligations. At the end of the last quarter (before the price adjustment affair), Teva’s debt totaled $ 28.624 billion, compared to $ 28.916 billion at the end of 2018. The company has to refinance more than $ 8 billion in the next two years, -2024. All this, with the company’s revenues showing a consistent decline in recent quarters.

The Bitcoin comeback is trading at $ 10,800 per currency

The virtual currency completes a 3-fold jump in the last three months. In the past week, the currency completed a 20% jump, with the planned launch of the Libra raising the entire sector. The Bitcoin was traded at $ 20,000 a year ago, but since then it has mostly been down, with a three-month low of $ 3,500 . But since then, the trend has been a sharp rise, as in the past week, with the introduction of the Libra, the virtual currency of Facebook, Bitcoin jumped more than 20%.

Facebook Libra

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