Discount bank

Discount bank


Discount’s value on the stock exchange has risen 150% since Ass-Topilsky took office. The value of the bank today stands at NIS 16.48 billion, while at the beginning of its tenure as CEO it was NIS 6.59 billion in adjusted values.


Shaul Kobrinsky, chairman of Discount’s board of directors, is now expected to appoint a search committee for the position of CEO. Today, he said, “I regretfully received Lilach’s announcement to retire from the bank and take a new path, and Lilach is undoubtedly a talented and extraordinary CEO who led the Discount Group with unprecedented success. I am convinced that her skills and abilities will stand in her favor in her next role as well. ”


Discount joins Bank Hapoalim in its search for a new manager. Leumi CEO Rakefet Russak-Aminoach has been in her position for seven years, since May 2012, while CEO Smadar Barber-Tzadik has served in the First International Bank of Israel Since March 2007. Mizrahi-Tefahot has been holding CEO Eldad Fresher for almost six years since August 2013. The three names have not been linked to the expected departure, but they are probably closer to the end point than to the beginning of the term .

The role in Phimie: improving companies

Founded in 1996, FIMI is the first and largest private equity fund in Israel with managed assets of $ 5 billion. The fund has a very good reputation in the capital market, and in many cases its managers succeed in improving companies and bringing successful exits.


The foundation is led by founder Yishai Davidi, and alongside him is senior partner Gilon Beck, Davidi’s friend from the days of the army, which is considered number two in the organization. Alongside them are four other partners: Amit Ben Zvi, Ami Bam, Ron Ben Haim and Eldad Ben Moshe. In fact, Asher-Topilsky will be the first woman to be appointed as a partner in the fund.


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