Facebook report

Facebook report


To entice the user to choose the option the company wants, such as automatically syncing contacts with Facebook’s Messenger app, an arrow jumps up and down below the confirmation button. The company also did not offer an option of refusal, but only “expandable”.


When users clicked on “expand”, Facebook again tried to persuade them to agree with the confirmation button – this time in an even larger color font. “People come to Messenger to get in touch with friends and family, which are usually the people in their address book,” says a Facebook spokesman. “We try to give them the best messaging experience, and also to make sure they know what options they have to master and make decisions that work for them the best.”


Privacy is not just a click away

Some social media companies state that by default, users’ privacy options will be at the lowest privacy level. This means that if you do not manually change this option, you will sometimes share without knowing your friends ‘list (yours), their friends’ lists, allowing people to tag them in posts without checking in advance, and generally easier to find them – by friends rather than friends .



Facebook ‘s method


By default, Facebook sets the option to allow general sharing. Users who want less sharing of their data need to change the settings manually.


To consider the two most restrictive privacy options, the user is prompted to click “More”.


Only after clicking on another screen, users get to see the full menu of privacy options. “We design our settings in a simple way that gives people the information they need to make the decisions that are right for them,” a Facebook spokesman said.

Nickel and dime

Many e-commerce sites add fees and costs at every step of leaving the site. Result: The total account price of the checkout user is much higher than the price of the product in the ad.

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